Saturday, June 25, 2022

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan rip each other up for cosmetic procedures

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On Katherine Ryan’s new show BackstageShe and fellow comedian Jimmy Carr toast each other about their history with cosmetic surgeries.

In the Amazon series, Ryan gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what comedians talk about before a show.

In the first episode, Ryan’s co-writer Geoff Northcott suggests Ryan make a joke about Carr having plastic surgery. “Jimmy has done a lot of work. He doesn’t look a day at it, “what the hell is that?” he says.

To which Ryan replies, “He would love that.” Later, on stage, she tells the audience, “Jimmy and I are trying to outdo each other with surgery. It’s an expensive and life-threatening game we’re playing…

“Just the other day I told my doctor that I wanted 80’s tits. You know, the kind that looks more artificial than Jimmy’s new hair.”

At another point before her performance, when Ryan says she’s going to her makeup room to get ready, Carr jokes, “It’s an ER, isn’t it?”

When Ryan jokes that it’s actually a “special effects unit,” Carr says, “The same guys that did it Jurassic Park.”

In February last year, Ryan called a social media user who accused her of “taking it too far” with the surgery.

“Hi Clare, I got breast implants in 2004 and nothing else. Suck my d***b****. Have a great day! X,” she hit back.

Carr has previously told fans he “had a lot of work done,” including dental work and a hair transplant.

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