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Jet Li landed in the “Matrix” role after an iconic A-lister turned down Seraph

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When the directors cast Lana and Lilly Wachowski The Matrix Consequence Matrix ReloadedThey had a vision for the actor they wanted to play Seraph. However, she turned down her first choice, leaving her to search for a new star with the skills to play the role. They thought they found the perfect person for the job in Jet Li. But it was more complicated than they thought. It turned out that two actors would not be enough.

The first matrix The film was a huge hit, so fans were excited to hear sequels. The first episode was Matrix Reloaded, and there was someone new: Seraph. This character should be a protector of the Oracle.

According to IndieWire, the Wachowskis first envisioned Seraph as a woman, and they already had an actor in mind. They offered the role to Michele Yeoh, but she had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. It left the siblings to reconsider their original plan. So they changed the character’s gender to male and considered other actors.

The Wachowskis chose Li, a logical choice to portray a protector given his extensive martial arts skills. But after long negotiations, Li also refused. His reason was the same that made him a logical choice for the job: his martial arts moves.

The rejection decision Matrix Reloaded Part wasn’t easy for Jet Li. While he found the role fascinating, something else meant far more to him.

“It was a commercial fight for me,” he told Abacus. “I realized the Americans wanted me to film for three months but be with the crew for nine months. And for six months they wanted to record all my movements and copy them to a digital library. At the end of the recording, the rights to these trains would go to them.”

Li realized that at this point, the studio could use his martial arts moves without his input. It was too great a sacrifice to make.

“I thought: I’ve been training my whole life. And we martial artists could only get older,” he said. “But they might own it [my moves] as intellectual property forever. So I said I couldn’t.”

although The Matrix was already a big hit and Li could have starred in several films in the franchise, he turned down the role.

After Li turned down the role, the studio had to find another actor. According to TV Over Mind, the Wachowskis chose Collin Chou, who was born in Taiwan but worked in Hollywood for years.

Chou has been an actor since he was young. He got his first job as a stunt double when he was just 12 years old. His many years of stunting experience and background in martial arts made him an excellent choice for the role of Seraph.

Even if it is sometimes difficult to interpret, The Matrix Franchises continue to enjoy great popularity. The challenges the directors faced casting Seraph paid off in the end. Jet Li doesn’t seem to regret turning down the role, and Chou probably doesn’t either.

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