Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Jesse Williams pulls EVERYTHING OUT and the internet just can’t handle the joy

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Jesse Williams caused quite a stir when a fan illegally filmed a nude scene from his Broadway show and leaked it online

Jesse Williams has caused the internet to glow after a fan broke Broadway rules by recording and sharing his fully nude video from the Broadway production ‘Take Me Out’. The Grey’s Anatomy graduate appeared in the Broadway play Take Me Out at the Second Stage Theater where Jesse and most of the male actors, including Patrick J. Adams, appear frontally during a shower scene. A clip from the scene was leaked online.

One of the fans in the front row appears to have filmed the 40-year-old star’s frontal nude video, which broke the company’s “No Phone Policy”. The allegedly leaked footage went viral on social media last night. The Second Stage Theater’s “No Phone Policy” states: “All viewers are required to place their phones and smart devices in a sealed Yondr case prior to the show out of respect and support for our actors and to establish a phone-free space. Also, the case can only be reopened by placing it on an unlock tab in the lobby.”


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Twitter users didn’t hold back their delight at the leaked footage. someone posted pictures from the viral clip and jokingly wrote, “Me to my husband yeah babe imma check out this new Broadway show starring #JesseWilliams I hear it has an amazing storyline.” Broadway us these videos by Jesse Williams to provide, thanks,” added another.

Another person tweeted, “Now I definitely understand why April didn’t try to divorce this man 😭 girl I’m not even mad at you.” looking for tickets to the #JesseWilliams Broadway show,” another fan hilariously added. “Wow wake up and see #JesseWilliams 😍 it’s gonna be a good day mos ☺️,” someone said. “I have to do some creative work and then I see Jesse Williams’ full-frontal I on TIRED,” noted another.

Williams has yet to respond to the leak, although he previously explained that being naked on stage makes him nervous. He told Page Six: “I was scared. But then I realized that I had asked God for it. I asked to be startled. I asked to do something that was scary and challenging, that made me deserve it and made me feel alive and uncomfortable.” Meanwhile, the 40-year-old actor was announced on the same day, at who leaked the video surfaced on the internet, was nominated for a Tony Award for his role in Take Me Out.

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