Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Jersey Shore fans are speculating what Baby Girl Situation’s name might be after Mike “The Situation” posted “It’s Happening.”

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Jersey Shore Fans will receive a baby announcement from Mike “The Situation” and Lauren Sorrentino each day. Meanwhile, fans on Reddit are speculating what Baby Girl Situation will be called. That’s what they think Mike and Laurens could name their second child based on a clue Mike dropped earlier this week.

“It’s happening,” Mike tweeted at 8:09 am Jan. 24. He used a baby emoji to conclude the tweet, leading many fans to believe Lauren went into labor. Lauren turned 18 on January 24, which means the baby’s arrival could be any day now.

“Pray for a safe arrival!” replied one fan. “Sending lots of love to the situation family!” Another added, “Congratulations I can’t wait to see pictures of your little girl.”

At the time of publication, Mike and Lauren did not share any news about their daughter’s arrival. Their son Romeo was born on May 26, 2021, but Mike and Lauren waited a day to share the news of his birth on social media. If the little girl is there, fans could see pictures before the start of the weekend.

In a promotional video from the officer Jersey Shore Twitter account, Mike and Lauren discuss the upcoming arrival of their baby girl. The couple plans to keep her name a secret until her birth, like they did with Romeo Reign. However, Mike dropped a reference to Baby Girl Situation’s name in the video.

According to Mike, his second child’s name could start with a G, M, B or L. As Lauren explained, they waited until the last second to decide on Romeo’s name. Since the couple hasn’t made an official announcement, fans have started speculating based on Mike’s lead.

“Gia, Milan, Bianca, Lauren,” said one Redditor. “Bella,” guessed another Reddit user. Another joked: “Gucci, money, Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.”

As the couple shared on Romeo Reign’s Instagram account, they found out they were expecting on his first birthday. “The moment we found out Romeo was going to be a big brother,” the Sorrentinos commented on a photo of Lauren and Romeo holding up the pregnancy test. “It was May 26, 2022, his 1st birthday and the best gift ever!”

Lots Jersey Shore Fans can’t wait to hear an update on Baby Girl’s situation. She could be born in time for the sixth season premiere of Jersey Shore: Family vacationthis is Thursday 26 January. Stay tuned to the Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates.

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