Monday, November 28, 2022

Jeremy Vine viewers tune out as they blast panelist Carole Malone for ‘peddling lies’

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Fans of the JEREMY Vine show went in droves after they accused a panelist of ‘selling lies’.

Angry Channel 5 viewers shot guest Carole Malone, 68, after she expressed grievances about the impending rail strikes.

The typically outspoken broadcaster accused railroad workers of “ruining” Christmas with industrial action over the holidays and the World Cup.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine’s show of the same name, she raged: “Thanks to Covid this will be the first real Christmas we’ve had in this country in over two years.

“And they’re going to break it, you know.”

Then she reeled off a list of strike dates and average train driver wages.

Fans were less than impressed with her words, with one writing: “Jeremy Vine and Carole Malone are again spreading the lie that these strikes are all about train drivers.”

After the particularly fiery debate, another said: “The irony of Carole Malone telling someone to calm down!! #JeremyVine.”

A third continued: “Please get Carole Malone to stop talking. Her whining voice made me switch off.”

Another claimed: “I didn’t watch #JeremyVine this morning because Carole Malone was on.”

Still others supported Carole by writing, “Fair Point.”

Another then mused: “We have a funeral in Kent on December 13th and a lot of people came from all over the country, they have to drive if they want to attend now what will that do to help the environment and extra CO2 🙄. “

Members of the RMT union will shut down railroads across the country on December 13, 14, 16 and 17 – the final week of the World Cup.

And MORE industrial action will fuel the new year, with strikes planned for January 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th.

Earlier this month, Carole was branded an “absolute joke” when she re-starred on the show.

She made her presence known as the panel discussed issues such as the cost of living crisis and free school meals for children.

The journalist didn’t hold back on all issues with her opinions, which soon angered viewers at home.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Carole Malone what an absolute joke she is.”

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays from 9.15am on Channel 5.

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