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Jennifer Garner once thought her love scene with Hugh Jackman was ‘terrible’

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Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner once faked a love scene in their first film work together. But the scene in question didn’t quite go the way they both wished it would.

Jennifer Garner once starred in the 2011 film butter directed by Jim Field Smith. Rounding out the feature was an ensemble cast that included Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone and Olivia Wilde X-Men stars himself Jackman. The comedy centered on a sculpture competition between several contestants with a story that more than captivated Garner. So much so that she couldn’t help produce the project.

“It’s not often that you get your hands on a piece of fabric that pulls you into a world as soon as you open it. It’s a world unlike anything I’ve ever played, seen, visited or entered. And that’s fascinating,” she once said vanity fair.

Her character also differed from most sane roles Garner is used to playing. The actor’s role as Laura Pickler was mean by nature, but Garner also found it “too much fun at times” to inhabit that personality.

At one point, however, the passion project featured Garner in a love scene that she didn’t think highly of.

Jackman had a similar reaction to the lead role butter. He, too, enjoyed his time in the film and was grateful that Garner wanted him to be cast in it at all.

But if there was one scene he didn’t feel too confident about, it was the love scene between himself and his co-star. Due to the nature of the scene, there wasn’t much physical contact. So Jackman and Garner had to make noise to sell the moment.

“There was a scene where we make out in a car but it was never seen, you can only hear it. So I’ll never forget that — the engineer, the director, me and Jen Garner got in a car to make love noises,” Jackman once said pop sugar (via Yahoo).

But because of complications, Jackman and the Alias Alum had to go one by one. Which made the attitude between them even more awkward.

“It’s kind of humbling when we found out he couldn’t take both of us at the same time so one had to perform then the other had performed and I’m really glad she went first because I never would have gone that far for her.” did, unless she went first. I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed in my life,” he added.

Garner’s opinion of the scene wasn’t too far off from Jackman’s.

“I’m such a big fan of his,” she once told E News. “It was so awful.”

It didn’t help that the scene was the first time she and Jackman had worked together. An inconvenience that was apparently common at work.

“It’s always like that. It’s always like, ‘It’s nice to meet you, now let’s moan and moan,'” she said.

Jackman once said that he’s the type of actor who doesn’t mind faking intimacy for movies. If only because he was joking, it had surprising uses for celebrity relationships.

“If there are sex scenes, I do them. [That’s the] Keys to a good marriage,” he once said at a press conference, according to Female First.

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