Sunday, August 7, 2022

Jenelle Evans teases hair transformation and hails ‘bad bish status’

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Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans recently decided it was time for a change, teasing her fans on social media before taking the plunge. She posted her preparation and the results on both her TikTok and Instagram pages and received a huge reaction from her followers.

Here’s what you need to know:

In the caption to her Instagram post, Evans explained, “FIRST FULL HAIRCUT AND DYES IN 3 YEARS!” She tagged the sides with what appeared to be her stylist and salon, and credited them for taking her back to the “bathroom.” Bish status”. The video Evans uploaded featured part of Kelis’ song “Milkshake,” and the “Teen Mom” ​​stars showed off their pre-transformation look. She didn’t let everyone down, however, as Evans ended the video with a look at her fresh style.

The video initially showed Evans without makeup and wearing her glasses. Her dark hair was parted in the middle and the Teen Mom star’s very long, wavy locks hung down her chest. She lip-synced a few lines of the song and added a few camera tricks before switching to presenting the final results after being in the salon.

Ultimately, Evans chose not to change her appearance so much that she was unrecognizable. She kept quite a bit of length, although she clearly had her stylist chop quite a bit, and she added highlights to add depth to her natural color. The “After” portion of the “Teen Mom” ​​star’s video not only showed off her new hairdo, but also had a bold, colorful backdrop, and Evans wore makeup to show the degree of transformation in her before and after look strengthen.

Evans’ hair was blown out and her fresh locks cascaded down her shoulders in waves that featured red and blonde hues worked in to brighten the overall tone of her hair. Fans flooded Evan’s comments section with fire emojis and lots of comments gushing about how fabulous she looked. “Oh my god I love it!!! So pretty!!” one fan remarked. Another fan wrote, “Absolutely gorgeous, that color really suits you!!!”

In her TikTok post showing off the new look, Evans noted that she had side bangs with this new style. However, she explained, “They’re getting mixed into the curls at the moment.” She also promised that several additional hair videos would be coming at some point. “You woke up and decided to be the main character’s energy. I totally support that,” one fan commented, and another declared Evans “HAIR GOALS.”

Though the Teen Mom star’s hair looked simple at the start of her transformation video and was in dire need of an update, she recently received compliments on it. In April, Evans shared another video on Instagram in which her hair was quite long and dark, albeit styled. “Is that your real hair? No problem if not, it’s just amazing!! I love that about you,” one fan commented. “Obsessed with your hair rr!” Another supporter wrote about Evans’ previous look. Teen Mom fans might have liked Evans’ long, dark hair, but her fresh new look was certainly an instant hit with many of her social media followers.

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