Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Jenelle Evans embroiled in Instagram battle with Cellulite Company

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Jenelle Evans takes part in a social media drama with the company cellu-light.

On October 12, Evans shared the photo below on her Instagram story.

The text on the picture read: “If you follow @ cellulight.offiial, please stop following. I’ve received messages that people’s orders won’t be delivered. I feel sorry for anyone who has been betrayed, including me. Make sure you request a refund. “

In a follow-up story on her Instagram, Evans filmed herself and said, “Right after I first posted about it, people would write to me, ‘I didn’t receive my product, do you know where it is? That’s rubbish … so I wrote to the company. I said, ‘Hey, you know my customers aren’t getting their products’…. Cellulite reached me now and said, ‘Hey, are you going to work with us?’ Then as soon as I placed the ad, people got in touch and said, ‘I did not receive this product …’ “

Evans continued, “I have screenshots of all of this … but I won’t go into that. It’s just useless drama. “

She concluded, “I think they’re not good at shipping.”

Here’s what you need to know:

On October 12th, cellu-light’s Instagram story was updated to include screenshots of Evans’ direct messages.

As can be seen in the photo from the company history below, cellu-light has informed Evans that their payment will be made on Wednesday and the proof of payment has been returned. “I think you should have the money, but if you don’t, you should get it after the weekend I think. Thanks very much.”

The direct messages then showed Evans’ response, “Do you know when the payment will be in my account? It still hasn’t. “

Evans then sent the same thing again.

Addressing the drama on the next page of its Instagram story, the company wrote, “You’re telling your community we’re a scam on the pretext that you didn’t receive our payment when we sent you proof … you lying to your community … you haven’t received a complaint message. All orders are delivered as always! Take care of yourself.”

A photo of the company’s history can be seen below.

On the last page of their Instagram story, the company wrote: “To thank Jenelle, we decided to make you an exclusive offer. Get 50% discount with the code . For the first 20 people only. Be quick and enjoy. “

Now the fans are in touch.

On October 12, a user posted a screenshot of the company’s history on Reddit.

One person replied, “Petty and I love it.”

Another wrote, “But why didn’t you just post the proof of payment (the private information is obviously blocked)?”

A third commented: “Funny, but just as trashy as them.”

According to their website, Cellu-light promises its users that they will say goodbye to cellulite in less than a week!

The Cellu roll costs $ 49.99 as of October 12.

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