Sunday, December 5, 2021

Jay Park ‘Break Your Heart’: Release Date, How To Hear It, All About Wiz Khalifa Collab

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7SIX9 announced the release of “Break Your Heart” starring Jay Park alongside Wiz Khalifa. at

Things are looking very hopeful for the K-pop industry as we near the release of a second global project that marks the collaboration of one of the greatest rappers in South Korea with one of the greatest rappers in America. Korea’s Jay Park is working with Wiz Khalifa on the release of their official collab single, Break Your Heart, which will mark a new milestone in the collaboration world.

To expand his network and make a name for himself around the world, Jay Park will partner with Wiz Khalifa. On November 9th, 7SIX9 Entertainment announced that Jay Park would be part of a new project called ‘DREAM-X Project’ in collaboration with the American rapper. 7SIX9 is one of K-Pop’s newer labels that manages some global collaborations with K-Pop artists.


Jay Park with Wiz Khalifa

GOT7’s Jay B dances in the clouds in ‘BTW’ video from solo debut album ‘Somo Fume’

On November 9th, the 7SIX9 label announced the release of a new collaborative single with Jay Park alongside Wiz Khalifa in what is known as a dream project that would help the growing growth of K-pop and give it a new medium as the both artists in a. working together will be a dreamy RnB track. The song received a lot of love online as fans of the two artists waited for the track to be released.

The song got a lot of fan attention because Wiz Khalifa also posted a short video of ‘Break Your Heart’ on his social media. ‘Break Your Heart’ is the second joint project in the form of a song from the global collaboration project ‘DREAM-X’ by 7SIX9 Entertainment and is expected to be released for the first time in Korea.

The joint single, ‘Break Your Heart’ starring Jay Park and Wiz Khalifa, will be released on November 18 at 6 p.m. KST (4 p.m. ET).

“Break Your Heart” will be released on all major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

Days after the announcement of the release, 7SIX9 Entertainment released several audio teasers for the new song. According to its teasers, the song called “Break Your Heart” appears to be a colorful party single with soft, calming beats. The teaser posters that have been released in the last few days express the dreamy atmosphere of the song and at the same time present three-dimensional figures of the two main actors Jay Park and Wiz Khalifa to increase the commitment to the hip mood of the song.

The music video for the song “Break Your Heart” will be released on November 18 at 6 p.m. KST (4 p.m. ET).

So listen to it

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