Monday, November 28, 2022

Jay Leno was spotted taking milk bar cookies and thank you cards for medics treating his third degree burns

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Jay Leno returned to the Grossman Burn Center in his blue Tesla with cookies and cards as a token of gratitude for taking care of him

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jay Leno was seen today November 24 visiting the hospital to give the medical staff who were treating his third degree burns cookies and cards as a token of gratitude for the care they received. The 72-year-old returned to the Grossman Burn Center in his blue Tesla after his 115-year-old white 1907 steam car engine exploded and burned his face. He was discharged Monday, November 21 after spending 10 days in the LA hospital being treated for his severe burns. The burn marks can still be seen on his body, the Daily Mail reported.

Leno was spotted carrying a box of cookies from the fashionable Los Angeles Milk Bar along with a thank you note on Thanksgiving Eve while sporting a stylish double denim ensemble. He was also photographed carrying a box of gifts and putting them in the trunk of his car. Leno then made his way to the Chick-fil-A-Drive-Thru to get some food. The legendary TV presenter was at his home on November 12 when one of his cars “burst into flames without warning” and the star later had to undergo a skin transplant.


On Tuesday, November 22, Leno pulled into a gas station and told the paparazzi, who greeted him, that he was “doing fine” and still planning to drive the same car that burst into flames next week, as the ” Auto didn’t do anything wrong.” Dr. Peter Grossman, Leno’s doctor, previously said the former late-night show host may suffer permanent scars from the incident, but said in a statement he was pleased with his progress after spending time in an oxygen chamber.

dr Grossman added he hopes Leno will make a full recovery as he remains on an outpatient basis. Leno also announced that he will be performing at the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California on Sunday, November at 7 p.m. The star replied: “Yes I need a cricket!” when a snapper suggested they rest before the show, according to the Daily Mail.

“He has a very strong attitude. He’s a very strong person,” said Dr. Peter Grossman to ET on Leno’s recovery. “And he’s a person who’s really looking forward to finding a way to get through this episode in his life and get back to what he normally enjoys doing, which is being out there entertaining and being with him.” be the people. I think eventually he’ll get there soon but I had to tell him to sit back and take care of Jay for now.

Leno thanked one of his friends who used his presence of mind to save his life during the blast. “I received some serious burns from a petrol fire. I am fine. It just takes me a week or two to get back on my feet,” Leno said in a statement. He later told TMZ that his friend Dave saved his life by jumping on him and putting out the flames. The host said he was repairing a clogged fuel line when gasoline was sprayed on his hands and face.

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