Monday, December 5, 2022

Jameela Jamil has blocked Piers Morgan on Twitter after he accused her of faking allergies

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Jameela Jamil often takes on other high-profile personalities and engages them in a war of words. The actor and host specifically called out the Kardashians for everything from their collaboration to their influence on the body positivity movement. And ever since, Jamil has been locked in an ongoing feud with British presenter Piers Morgan. Things got heated between the two in 2020 when Morgan slammed Jamil for faking her allergies before Jamil blocked the host.

It’s been years since Jamil and Morgan feuded. The two first clashed publicly in 2019 when Markle made the decision to feature Jamil on the cover of her guest-edited issue of British Vogue. Morgan took to Twitter to slam Markle for including Jamil in the magazine, writing that because of her previous work as a columnist for a magazine before she found fame, Jamil felt the “complete opposite of” equality, kindness and… Open-mindedness” is an actor.

Jamil didn’t miss Morgan’s comments. She responded to him on Twitter by noting that she had apologized for some previously “judgmental” comments she had made towards other women. “My pinned tweet is all the mistakes I made and admitted to being problematic when I was young,” she wrote. “I’ve got nothing to hide. You’re old and still a problematic slut-shaming, fat-shaming, misogynist, irrelevant shit smudged all over our country.”

This interaction wouldn’t be nearly the last time Jamil and Morgan clashed online. According to BuzzFeed, in early 2020, Morgan retweeted an article accusing Jamil of having Munchausen Syndrome in response to a comment from the actor about how her allergies had seemingly subsided. Morgan added his own thoughts to the tweet. “IT’S A MIRACLE!” he wrote. “So lucky for you — hope your other 1,345 virtuous sufferings that signal sacrifice make similarly miraculous recoveries.”

Jamil responded by calling Morgan a “misogynist” – and just a week later she blocked him on Twitter. Noting that she didn’t want to give Morgan a bigger platform by engaging with him on social media, she claimed the way Morgan was behaving on Twitter could potentially cause young people to have “mental breakdowns.” suffer.

Just a year later, after Morgan’s dramatic end Good morning Britain, Jamil decided to share her thoughts on the long-running feud with Morgan. The actor took to Twitter again to say that Morgan’s “relentless campaign of lies and hate” against her had actually caused her to contemplate suicide. As from E! Online, Jamil implied she was glad Morgan was leaving Good morning BritainShe included a gif of herself on the red carpet to illustrate her reaction.

However, it seems like the feud between Morgan and Jamil is still ongoing. As late as early 2022, Morgan and Jamil got to work, with Morgan publicly thanking Elon Musk for his possible purchase of Twitter after Jamil claimed Musk was causing her to leave Twitter altogether. As reported by The Sun, Morgan even tagged Musk in his tweet, adding clapping emojis to express his delight at the idea that Jamil might decide never to tweet again. It certainly seems that these two wild personalities won’t be making amends any time soon.

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