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Jaleel White isn’t the only Dancing With the Stars contestant losing her composure

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Jaleel White is known to millions of fans as the loveable nerd from the ’90s sitcom. family matters. While his alter ego, Steve Urkel, was known for his weird dance moves, in real life the actor teamed up with pro Kym Johnson as a contestant on season 14 of Dancing with the stars, and finished in 8th place. Most of the celebrities who appear in the famous competition show seem to be having a great time. But a handful make headlines for things other than their dance performances. Turns out white isn’t the only one Dancing with the stars candidate losing his cool.

He may have been awkward and uncoordinated when portraying the beloved Urkel. But years later, white proved far more graceful on the dance floor. Nonetheless, Today the actor reported bumping heads with his partner during rehearsals. This led to a “heated” confrontation with the show’s producers. So what happened? Well, apparently, White accidentally stepped on Johnson’s foot, and when she said it hurt, the actor lost his temper. He even went so far as to “kick her in the face” and chide her for “acting like a baby.”

They may not have hit it off when the cameras weren’t rolling. But the duo actually did pretty well despite not winning. White and Johnson had average scores of 24.9 before being finally voted off the show in week 7.

Reality star Kate Gosselin has always been known for a bit of drama. When she appeared as a contestant in Season 10 of DWTS, however, the drama reached new levels. Gosselin has been quite vocal about her desire to win. Paired with Tony Dovolani, she placed 8th. But according to Today, Dovolani had to undergo therapy after the experience ended.

It turned out that Gosselin wasn’t easy to work with, and the professional dancer was frustrated by her “whining.” He even left a rehearsal after the mother of 8 said he “didn’t take into account how I’m studying!” Dovolani almost gave up, telling her, “I’m done, I’m done today. I give up!” Fans can only imagine that tensions ran high — especially when the judges told Gosselin she lacked “passion and skill.”

While fans definitely enjoyed watching Jana Kramer in season 23 of DWTS, there were several cases when she and her partner Gleb Savchenko simply did not get along. The country singer did quite well in the competition, placing 4th. But things weren’t going so well behind the scenes. Heavy reports that Kramer felt a lot of pressure was being put on her and as a result she and Savchenko argued quite a bit.

Kramer said, “Gleb and I actually got into a huge argument where I was like, that’s it, I’m done because he was always late.” Savchenko responded by asking, “Why do you have to *** like that?” * be?” And things got out of control from there.

While they eventually had a long reconciliation, Kramer felt her partner had no respect for her time, especially since she was a new mom. It seems like not everyone is having a great time while competing Dancing with the stars.

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