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Jake Gyllenhaal refused to say his lines on The Day After Tomorrow because the “dialogue sucked.”

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From a young age, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in hit movies Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain. He also added the disaster film around that time The day after tomorrow to his filmography.

While I’m playing the lead morninghowever, Gyllenhaal could not help but clash with the film’s screenwriters over her dialogues.

The day after tomorrow was one of Gyllenhaal’s first experiences with a big-budget film. Up until this point, the actor was more used to starring in smaller projects. So acting in the Roland Emmerich disaster film proved challenging for Gyllenhaal in many ways. Especially since the actor saw the film more as an independent film than a blockbuster.

“You should have seen me, I was independent of it,” Gyllenhaal once said in an interview with Black Film. “I didn’t hit my mark and wasn’t in the moment and did what I had to do and they said, ‘There’s 800 extras behind you dude. You have to hit the mark.’ And Roland says, ‘And there’s a tremendous surge that I’m finding out, so you must be on the blue screen.'”

Finally his The day after tomorrow Co-star Dennis Quaid felt he had to step in to offer some tough advice to Gyllenhaal.

“I remember one day Dennis sat me down and said, ‘You need to relax. It’s an action movie.” He was funny about it, but he was like, ‘You’ve got to make this work,’” Gyllenhaal recalled.

Gyllenhaal had a particularly difficult time adapting to the film’s script and translating what was on the page to the big screen.

“The biggest challenge for me was doing scenes that I think have very little subtext and have some reality. You have to get so much information in such a short amount of time. Making something feel like you’re actually saying it and it’s not some plot device was really hard for me,” he said.

Gyllenhaal didn’t particularly like the dialogue either, which he personally told those in charge of the film.

“There were a few instances where I said, ‘No way am I saying that line!’ And they rewrote it,” he once told Contact Music in 2004. “There won’t be a subtitle that says, ‘Sorry, these guys don’t sound like real people, but they just didn’t have the balls to say the dialogue sucked.'”

Gyllenhaal came from a family already involved in show business. His father was a filmmaker and his mother a screenwriter. Gyllenhaal believed his mother’s experiences with writing made him a little more sensitive to the flaws in the film’s script.

“Coming from a family where my mother is a writer, I just react to how people speak. I’m enjoying the process of getting this stuff right,” added Gyllenhaal. “It drove her crazy, but it was fun. You need to be entertaining if you’re spending seven months in Montreal.”

A lot has happened since Gyllenhaal’s time The day after tomorrow. The actor has starred in several critically acclaimed films and is generally regarded as one of Hollywood’s finest performers. However, so much time has passed that Gyllenhaal forgot his co-star Quaid was in the film.

During an interview with Yahoo, Gyllenhaal was reminded by a reporter of his collaboration with Quaid on the disaster film. Gyllenhaal couldn’t believe it at first.

“We did? Oh oh oh! Wow! That’s the guy who played my dad,” said Gyllenhaal.

Later in the interview, he joked that the reporter caught him completely off guard with the revelation.

“Wow, that’s cool. You know we did a lot of interviews and you just blew my mind,” said Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal and Quaid worked together again years later in the recently released animated film strange world.

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