Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer: MAFS Graduates ‘OnlyFans’ Sex Tape Leaked and Sent to Lonie’s Mom

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Lonie expressed his disgust at the leak and said his mum was “distraught” after receiving a copy of the sex tape

Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie were devastated when a sextape of them was leaked from the latter’s OnlyFans account and sent to his mum. He spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how concerned he was about the leak. He also said that his mother, who received a copy of the leaked tape, was “distraught”. Frazer and Lonie weren’t a “fan favorite” duo at MAFS. They have also received constant backlash on content-sharing platform OnlyFans for their NSFW content.

They haven’t exactly been welcomed by other creators on OnlyFans either, and Olivia in particular has been called “problematic” by others. It’s not a new trend for MAFS stars to join OnlyFans and share content aimed primarily at adult audiences.


Interestingly, one co-creator, Lucia Banks, had spoken out about the flak that other creators have faced since Olivia joined the platform. Speaking to news.com.au in June, she predicted how the duo might leak their content because so many other creators are going through the same thing. “In their particular case, they didn’t have the support of other OnlyFans creators,” the co-creator said. After news of the leak broke, Banks said the leak wasn’t as surprising as she predicted months ago.

The pair first caused a stir when they joined OnlyFans despite using the platform to shame fellow reality TV star Domenica Calarco. He had also circulated a racy picture of her on the OnlyFans account after a significant fight. This was dubbed similar to “revenge porn,” after which the OnlyFans community began isolating the couple. The tape also aired on The Kyle & Jackie O Show for their in-house guests and fellow MAFS Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding. The duo responded to the footage live on air.

Lonie told the Sunday Confidential that he couldn’t believe the footage was played and mocked about the programme. He says he lost his job as a plumber due to the aftermath of the segment and is seeking damages in court. “They showed Dom and Ella (former MAFS contestants) the picture while they were on the air and they described what was going on and started shaming myself and badmouthing Liv,” he said. “My boss is a family man and he’s had people contacting him asking about my content… I understand it’s not in line with his morals so I lost my job,” he added.


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After losing his job, he said: “It makes sense and I got it. The couple wants to get to the bottom of the incident and has also commissioned a company to track down such leaks.

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