Sunday, December 5, 2021

Jackie Johnson: Ex-Georgia DA booked for obstruction of the Ahmaud Arbery murder case

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Jackie Johnson, 49, was charged with police officers in carrying out the first arrests of Gregory and Travis McMichael. to have disabled

GLYNN COUNTY, GEORGIA: A former Brunswick District Attorney was detained in a Georgia prison in connection with the Ahmaud Arbery murder case the day his killers were found guilty of murder. Jackie Johnson, 49, surrendered in the Glynn County Jail after she was charged with interfering with police officers in making the first arrests. There have been several public petitions for Johnson’s removal and lockdown after preventing police officers from arresting Travis and Gregory McMichael, two of Arbery’s three killers.

All three of the accused in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial were convicted on November 24th on multiple charges of killing the 25-year-old black man while jogging in the street. The father-son duo Travis and Gregory McMichael and their neighbor William ‘Roddie’ Bryan Jr. shot and killed Arbery on February 23, 2020 in Braunschweig after the McMichaels had followed him with their truck. Bryan reportedly joined the McMichaels in pursuing the victim and helping them track him down. He also recorded the video of the murder on his cell phone, which eventually leaked and sparked national outrage. The Glynn County, Georgia jury announced the verdict after more than ten and a half hours of deliberation.


DA Johnson was reportedly friends with Gregory McMichael, a former police officer who was employed in her office. She has been accused of preventing police from arresting the McMichaels to protect her friend. Officials in charge of the Arbery investigation said they had sufficient reason to arrest the father and son duo, but they were blocked by prosecutors. “She closed it to protect her friend McMichael. They were told not to make the arrest,” said Inspector Peter Murphy.

In September 2021, Johnson was charged with wrongdoing on charges of using her power and status to protect the alleged killers of Arbery, particularly blocking the arrest of Travis McMichael. Last week, Johnson was further indicted by a grand jury on charges of violating the oath of office and obstruction of policing. However, she denied the allegations and went on to claim that her office pulled out of the case as the defendant Gregory McMichael was her former employee.

She is currently being pursued by the Georgia Attorney General’s office, Chris Carr. Meanwhile, the Arbery family lawyer Ben Crump said, “Ahmaud Arbery’s life is important.

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