Sunday, August 7, 2022

Ivana Trump threw a lavish champagne dinner while in rehab in Malibu, author Ivana Lowell claims

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“Trump held it out to us and then made a big gesture for the waiter to fill all our glasses,” Lowell said

Guinness heiress and author Ivana Lowell has opened up about her “unlikely” friendship with Ivana Trump, who passed away on July 14, 2022. According to Lowell, their friendship developed while she and Donald Trump’s ex-spouse were enrolled in the same rehab facility. In her essay “The Other Ivana,” Lowell also recounted an incident when Trump attempted to throw a champagne party for all of her friends at the facility

The essay “The Other Ivana,” published by Air Mail on July 23, 2022, mentions how Trump, who started out as a very closed person, gradually began to open up to the group about the circumstances surrounding the facility led.


Trump’s champagne dinner party for friends at a rehab facility

Lowell revealed on the blog that she could hear “commotion” in the hallways when she checked in, and it was Trump who asked everyone to call her Maria and not Ivana. “‘How often do I have to tell you that my name isn’t Ivana, it’s Maria. I’m maria!’ When she calmed down, I turned around and introduced myself: ‘Hi, I’m Ivana.’ She seemed confused at first, but then, as her anger subsided, her face began to soften. ‘Ivana? often drove a “red convertible” in Malibu to go shopping.

On the penultimate day of her treatment, Lowell said the fashion icon decided to throw a party for her friends. “Honey, tonight will be my treat. I’m taking us all out to dinner. There is a fabulous restaurant right on the water and the food is divine. I think we all deserve a treat, don’t we?” Trump said, according to the essay. Lowell added that all of them were given special permission to leave the facility under the supervision of an attendant. Trump somehow managed to get him to leave her and the group enjoyed a delicious meal.

According to Air Mail, the group was shocked and worried about themselves when the waiter poured champagne for everyone, but Trump was undeterred. Lowell wrote: “She lifted it to us [the rehab group], and then he swung a signal for the waiter to fill all our glasses.” Explaining the psyche of almost everyone else there, Lowell said, “In the last three weeks; we had poured out our souls. Discussed and shared our most intimate fears and thoughts. And we had done everything sober… Suddenly the champagne flute seemed to represent everything we feared most.”

An anxious Lowell then urged everyone else not to drink the champagne, saying: “I know how much we all paid for the treatment. If you touch that glass of champagne, it will become the most expensive drink you have ever had.”

In the essay, Lowell also spoke about how Trump eventually began speaking out about her abusive marriage and other difficulties. On the final day of her program, Trump gifted Lowell an “elegant, heart-shaped bottle” of perfume labeled IVANA along with a note that read, “With love from one Ivana to another.”

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