Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘It’s rigged’: The Circle fans are furious as Catfish ‘Jennifer’ makes it to the Season 5 finale

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MANCHESTER, UK: As the Netflix strategy game show reality TV series ‘The Circle’ closed its curtain on Season 5, viewers were greeted with an emotional finale episode. Samantha “Sam” Carmona took home the title of “The Circle” influencer along with a whopping $100,000, and fans and attendees of the show alike rejoiced for the spicy makeup artist.

But one thing most viewers were excited about was that players Brett Robinson and Xanthi Perdikomatis, who worked together under the alias “Jennifer,” got a chance to compete in the finals as grand prize finalists. In fact, from the start of the series, most viewers have disparaged the two players for taking on the guise of the cute 50-year-old dog trainer and fooling everyone in Season 5 of The Circle. Xanthi and Brett have also faced plenty of backlash after the duo failed their number one ally, Tom Houghton. Now the pair are once again facing brutal beatings from countless fans and viewers of the show for being among the five finalists which included players Sam, Chaz Lawery, Raven Sutton and Tasia Lesley aka Catfish “Tamira”.


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Fans flocked to Twitter to express their opinions and dislike of the duo, quickly realizing that Xanthi and Brett shouldn’t have been in the finals. One person wrote, “Jennifer should never have made it this far, holy shit.” Another added to the debate, “But how did Jennifer make it to the county finals? Chaz isn’t here to block Oliver.” Another viewer also tweeted, “If #TheCircle lets us win Jennifer. It’s rigged. I’m p****d she wasn’t blocked by the super influencer.”

While one fan wrote: “And with that being said… I’m lucky as hell that Jennifer didn’t win and I hope this is the last season of The Circle taking that second chance bs. It’s getting stale. A blocked candidate must indeed be permanently BLOCKED!!” One social media user also pointed out, “Ok I think I figured it out.. the catfish this season didn’t make it as far as the producers hoped so they got Jennifer and Tamira to the end forced them to have some sort of surprise at the final table… just a logical explanation of how they made it this far.” While one added, “You guys spared Jennifer too much. Should never have made it to the final.”

Netflix aired the season 5 finale of The Circle on Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

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