Sunday, June 26, 2022

ISAC 2022: K-Pop Idol Star Athletics Returns, Fans Look Forward to ‘Generation 4 Interactions’

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The MBC Holiday program returns after two years to allow fourth-generation K-pop idols to finally interact in person

If there’s one thing that fans of 3rd generation K-pop have witnessed a lot more than fans who came to K-pop for Gen 4, it’s idol interactions. While fans are aware that idols from different groups are friends when there are labelmates who are close to their contemporaries, or idols with the same year of birth who are very close, as in the case of K-pop’s 97-liner boys , Watching Idols The interplay of various K-Pop groups at events used to be one of the highlights of K-Pop. Aside from award shows, one place where K-pop idols were common with these interactions was at MBC’s ISAC vacation program, popularly referred to as the K-pop Olympiad.

The Idol Star Athletic Championships was a place for many artists from the industry to network with other artists and fans witnessed a gala swooned by these interactions. Be it GOT7 and BTS or Seventeen and Monsta X, many idol friendships were seen at the event. But everything came to a halt when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the world came to a standstill. Now that things are finally back to normal, Gen 4 fans can finally see just how much fun Idol interactions can be.


The K-Pop Olympiad – ISAC is back

All K-pop groups debuted in 2019 and after that, never really had a chance to meet and interact with fans in the same way as their elders. With awards ceremonies held online and concerts held without an audience, the genre seemed to lose some of its poignancy as idols enjoyed themselves with their peers and contemporaries. That’s why news of the return of ISAC is one of the best things fans of fourth-generation K-pop could wish for. On June 17, it was reported that MBC’s representative holiday program, the “Idol Star Championship,” also known as ISAC, will return for an in-person event in 2022 for the first time since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report suggested that ISAC will reopen for the first time in two years since the 2020 Lunar New Year Special. Each year, ISAC was held twice a year, once during the Lunar New Year and then again months later during the Chuseok holiday. The 2020 Chuseok Special ISAC event was supposed to be held, but the outbreak of the pandemic and its surge around the world prompted the show’s producers to cancel it for reasons of the health and well-being of everyone involved.

Now in 2022, three years after the last Chuseok Special, the K-Pop Olympiad is making a comeback for the “2022 Chuseok Special”. Last year’s 2021 Lunar New Year Special was released as a unique event titled Idol Star Championship: Hall of Fame, which recapitulated famous scenes.

Fans share their nostalgia and excitement for ISAC’s return, as one fan said, “ISAC with 4th gen will be so interesting.” Another fan manifested, “Nct at isac 2022.” One fan guessed, “I have feeling like isac is just 4th gen huhuhu i want interactions with 3rd gen again.” One fan said, “If all my favorite 4th gen groups attend an isac and have interactions I will def d1e fr.” One fan concluded, “Isac is back, 4th generation interaction cutie.”

One fan listed: “LITERALLY WANT TO SEE ISAC INTERACTIONS THIS YEAR, EUNCHAE HIYYIH, HISHAYEON, TXT AND ENHYPEN STICKING ALL THE TIME BY EO, TXT AND KEPI, MOM EUNBI COLLECTING HER KIDS, AETZY, 4TH GEN J-LINES, LILY AND THE AUSSIE LINE OF STRAYKIDS.” One fan said, “My 4th generation babies and Aateume heart are longing for more interactions, hopefully soon in isac.” One fan hoped, “What’s up if ISAC 2022 consists of 1st to 4th generation groups?”

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