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Is the song “Typa Girl” sexist? Blackpink fans say the ‘elect me lyrics annoy me’

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“Typa Girl” is an otherwise diss track for the haters that fits with the rest of the concept of the “Born Pink” album

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink are back with their second album, Born Pink, and it is both a critical and commercial success. Many fans were impressed that the lead single, “Shut Down,” sampled classical music and experimented with hip-hop to create something entirely new. The rest of the tracks on the album were also applauded as they varied in genre from ballads to pop rock. But one song, “Typa Girl,” has divided Blackpink fans.

Where there’s fame, there’s haters, and it’s no different with Blackpink, one of the biggest K-pop groups of the moment. Well, to shut up their haters, three of the ‘Born Pink’ tracks – ‘Shut Down’, ‘Tally’ and ‘Typa Girl’ are a diss to the haters. But the lyrics to “Typa Girl” have angered some fans as it includes a “pick me” message that can be seen as sexist and misogynistic.


“Type Girl” lyrics are considered sexist

“Pick me” girls is a label given to those girls who put other girls down and claim they are different in order to get men’s attention. In fact, just a few months ago, supergroup Girls On Top, which had members from aespa, Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation, was slammed for singing a song with the message “Pick Me.” Since Blackpink was already popular, the fans sharing their music didn’t have to belittle other women to be a diss track for the haters. It should also be noted that the girls are unfortunately not allowed to release their own music, with male producers like Teddy being responsible for such songs. “Typa Girl” was written by songwriter Bekuh Boom, who is also a woman, which has everyone wondering why she added misogynist undertones to the song.

While most of the song disses haters while Blackpink shows how rich, beautiful, and successful they are, at one point “Typa Girl” flips into them being a “Pick Me” girl. The lyrics read, “I’m not at all like those other girls / I’m that typa girl that makes you forget you have a guy / Guy that makes you love me when the only thing you’ve done.” got is like.” Black fans also found the AAVE (African American slang) slang strange, especially since Bekuh Boom is a white woman.

One fan wrote, “Typa Girl lyrics give Pick Me Vibes but it goes so hard.” Another commented, “I love Typa Girl SM but that one lyric ‘I don’t like these other girls at all.’ NAURRRR, will.” Is that the new Pick Me Girls anthem?” One fan tweeted, “Typa Girl from #BORNPINK is so good it sounds good but only if I just LISTEN to it without processing the lyrics like it would Annoy text.” Another fan posted, “I like typa girl too but the rampant aave lol. You would have thought Bekuh Boom was black, but no, Miss Rebecca Rose Johnson is the whitest woman I have ever seen, lmfao. (I just googled).”

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