Monday, January 16, 2023

Is Shin Seul-ki attracted to Shin Dong-woo? Season 2 Single’s Inferno Stars Exchange Flirty Texts

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Shin Seul-ki, star of ‘Single’s Inferno’ season 2, has received a lot of social media attention since the show ended. Well, it’s not that big of a deal because she also drew a lot of looks on the show. She was recently spotted with plastic surgeon Shin Dong-woo exchanging flirty texts on social media.

A few hours ago, Seul-ki uploaded a series of photos with all the cast members from the second season of ‘Single’s Inferno’. ..?” His instant like and comment on the post drew too many looks. The comment didn’t take time to rack up over 1200 likes. Well, it seemed like Seul-ki had no intention of breaking away from withdraw from the flirting game.


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After several hours, Seul-ki replied to Dong-woo, “I have to go back to sleep if this happens~” Fans immediately noticed that something was going on between Seul-ki and Dong-woo. One fan commented, “Oh my god I really wanted you two to be together.” “He’s not giving up,” one fan wrote. One fan commented, “Hahahaha bro stop waking up Seul-gi and leave.” sleeping him hahahaha.” Another fan noticed the teasing, saying, “ha ha ha, you’re teasing her again.” One fan advised Dong-woo, “Don’t give up if you really like her.”

However, there has reportedly been no confirmation regarding a romantic connection between Dong-woo and Seul-ki. Meanwhile, Seul-ki and Choi Jong-woo’s relationship seems to be going well. Jong-woo recently uploaded a photo to social media with Seul-ki, showing them having fun together.

Seul-ki has uploaded a ton of photos with the cast of “Single’s Inferno” Season 2 to her Instagram. The first picture showed her and other members posing for the camera while Seul-ki took the middle position in the frame. Other photos in the series were taken in the inferno while the cast members enjoyed their time together. Seul-ki captioned the post, “It was moments that felt like a midsummer night’s dream.” She further thanked Netflix, its producers and the show for giving her “such a valuable and valuable experience.” She added: “Thanks to the fans for sending so much love again. Finally, our members. We were even happier because we were together. I support and love you all.”

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