Sunday, June 26, 2022

Is Pete Davidson leaving SNL? Actor Might Retire After Season Finale: ‘He’s Getting the Kardashian Money’

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New reports suggest Pete Davidson’s co-stars Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Kyle Mooney will also be departing

Pete Davidson, who joined the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live in September 2014, may finally be saying goodbye to the show after eight long years. The ‘The King of Staten Island’ actor will reportedly be hanging up his boots from SNL after the season 47 finale.

Plus, he’s not the only one leaving the show, as new reports suggest Pete Davidson’s co-stars Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Kyle Mooney will also be leaving. Pete Davidson was the youngest actor to join SNL at age 20, and also the first cast member to be born in the ’90s. He has now become one of the longest serving actors on the show.

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Social media users flocked to Twitter to talk about Pete Davidson leaving SNL. “For Pete, Kyle, Aidy and Kate to leave SNL is like a dying mall losing the last installment at its food court. It’s over,” one user said, as another posted, “I’ll be completely honest and say I don’t blame Pete Davidson for leaving SNL. If I were that guy, I’d try to have as much free time as possible.” Another explained, “So you’re telling me Pete Davidson is leaving SNL to be part of the Kardashians’ reality TV s**t show to be? Man, that would be the mother of all mistakes.”

The next shared: “People are treating Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney leaving SNL as this crazy shake up. But I remember when actors didn’t stay there longer than Supreme Court justices. Sandler & Farley were released after 5 years. SNL was a launch pad, not a forever home.” One said, “I don’t give a damn about Pete Davidson leaving SNL. He’s hardly been there this season anyway,” as another concluded, “He gets the Kardashian money. Get the bag, king.”

“He’s getting the Kardashian money”

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