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Is “performance king” San doing well? Ateez fans are worried about the grueling “guerrilla” phase

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Fans are concerned when San was seen breathing heavily and leaning against a prop during Ateez’s “M Countdown” performance on August 4

Ateez has been dubbed the “performance king” as her impressive stages have always been a recurring factor in her comebacks since her debut days. The boy band also shared that they always sing live even when not required, adding to their intricate choreography that leaves fans in awe. As if that wasn’t enough, the members always go viral for their facial expressions, which add an extra nuance to their performances. And it seems that even when they are not doing well, they give their all. But that worried Ateez fans as San looked tired during a ‘Guerrilla’ performance.

Ateez has been praised for never skimping on their choreography, making it suitable for their lead singles. This was evident in the extremely grueling dance moves for their latest comeback “Guerrilla” which has metal and hard rock sounds. There’s also a running joke on K-pop Twitter of other idols running away when Ateez is looking for someone to “guerrilla” their TikTok challenge. But it looks like the performance-intensive stage and its back-to-back schedules have taken a toll on San, who are looking uneasy for the first time since their “Wave” era.

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In their “Wave”/”Utopia” era in 2019, San and Wooyoung had clashed during one of the stages, leaving fans concerned and asking Ateez’s label to give them a rest as they covered almost the entire B-sides of the albums. Well, while the label has been praised for putting Ateez’s health ahead of their schedules, it seems they could use a break again. 2022 has been a busy year for Ateez, announcing two world tours, participating in ensemble concerts, and releasing Japanese and Korean releases. At her final “M Countdown” stage on August 4, San was seen breathing heavily and leaning on a prop.

Nothing seemed wrong during the actual performance as all members gave their all to the energetic “guerrilla” choreography. San was his usual self, from his frighteningly good facial expressions to his sharp dance lines. But in his fancam, which followed him even as he walked offstage during Mingi’s solo rap part, we could see the Ateez member looked tired. However, when the rest of the group returned to Mingi, San gave his 100% again for the rest of the performance, including the fast-paced dance break.

San looks tired during the “Guerrilla” phase

Fans left tweets like, “San he was so tired omg I hope he’s alright.” Another wrote, “It kinda broke my heart to see San looking super tired than usual while waiting for that it was their turn during Mingi’s rap part :((.” One fan wrote, “San always says eye contact with the members gave him strength (he slapped Mingi on the back, fist pounded Hongjoong, eye contact with made to the dancer) and he really gave it his all in the guerrilla dance break at the end, although he was visibly tired and exhausted.”

Another commented, “Yes, San is very professional at dancing this hard no matter how tired he is, but he shouldn’t have to be so exhausted on stage. Their schedules are so packed that they hardly get any sleep at night, and that’s not okay. Seeing him like this really breaks my heart.” One added, “One thing I will always do is protect San at all costs, this man always gives his all to perform and always proves why is a performance king.” Another fan shared, “Seeing San, the member with the best stamina and stamina, looking so exhausted worries me a lot, but I know they told us they were with themselves cope on their own and know how to take care of their bodies.”

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