Thursday, September 22, 2022

Is NewJeans the “Nation’s Younger Sister Group”? Even non-fans defend her from lip-sync rumours

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NewJeans are the latest group to take K-pop by storm as they have surpassed 10 million Spotify listeners at the fastest rate in their two-month career

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NewJeans are garnering titles like ‘Monster Rookies’ and ‘Nation’s Younger Sister Group’ just weeks after their debut. Her songs are consistently at the top of the charts, while “Attention” has gone viral even in the West. Well, on September 21st they were invited to their first university festival and they pulled it off, gathering a massive audience that rivaled even K-pop veterans like PSY and Winner.

NewJeans were invited to the Danfesta Dankook University Festival where they gave an energetic performance and got the whole crowd singing and dancing along. However, some Knetizens later took to the gossip chat forum hoping to send them hatred by saying that NewJeans was lip-synching. While lip-synching is not uncommon in K-pop due to the complicated choreography and hectic schedule that could ruin singers’ vocals, it has become a point of discussion. With some K-pop idols going viral for their live singing, lip syncing is now viewed as something negative and those who sing with a backtrack or lip sync are considered untalented.


NewJeans’ college performance sparks a lip-synching debate

We even had Stray Kids’ Bang Chan pointing out that due to the strict standards of K-pop labels, idols can’t debut at all if they’re not good singers. And these idols might very well lose their voices if they keep singing day and night without sleep. But that still hasn’t stopped trolls from hating some idols when they find out they’re singing live, albeit with a backtrack. But since NewJeans had pretty much the support of the general public, whether they lip-sync or sing live, everyone was ready to defend their performance at the university festival.

Knetz, who was in attendance at the festival, made comments such as, “NewJeans sang their voices live.” Another wrote, “South Korea is totally obsessed with NewJeans. They dubbed NewJeans “The Younger Sister of the Nation” and dubbed Minji “The First.” Love of the nation next generation”. Sensation everywhere, I’m so proud of them.” One was struck by the crowd that turned out, “WHAT THE…”

Another fan pointed out, “There’s literally nothing wrong with lip syncing, how do you expect them to ALWAYS sing live with difficult choreos?” One fan tweeted, “THE CROWD SINGING TO WHOLE OF COOKIE.” Another fan posted: “NEWJEANS OMG THEY ARE SO GOOD.” One claimed there was no problem even though they did a little lip syncing: “I went to DK Uni with my friends yesterday. They did Lipsync + Live together. Some parts were definitely lip syncing, some parts were definitely singing live live, Haerin, Danielle too (but with a small voice + lip sync).”

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