Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Is Le Sserafim celebrating Garam’s departure? Members accused her of shadowing her while fans cut up their photo cards

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Following Garam’s departure from Le Sserafim, Twitter users discussed reactions from fans and Le Sserafim members to the change in the group’s lineup

K-pop idols are always under a microscopic lens, and just as fans love idols at the peak of their careers, idols are also trolled when they’re at their lowest. Over the years, fans have expressed their hatred towards idols who have been exposed for their wrongdoing in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular ways fans “shame” an idol is by destroying their photo cards. The same happened to HYBE’s Le Sserafim member Kim Garam, who was embroiled in scandal even before her debut.

After HYBE finally announced the termination of their contract with Kim Garam, the girl group is officially a five-piece girl group. Although this issue is somewhat resolved, some fans seem to be showing how much they hate Garam and her actions as a TikToker spreads the news about him cutting up and destroying Kim Garam’s photo cards. Not only that, but the members of Le Sserafim have been dubbed “shady” for enjoying Garam’s departure a little too much.


Le Sserafim members are accused of being “too happy” after Garam’s departure

At the time, when the girl group was suffering the effects of Garam’s controversy, fans had been begging HYBE to kick the idol out of Le Sserafim. But the label decided to keep her with the group. After Garam’s activities ceased, Le Sserafim got much more attention as her popularity immediately skyrocketed.

Now it seems Garam’s confirmed departure from the group is being celebrated by its former members, who are nearing the end of promotions for their debut album, Fearless. In the latest episode of her vlog, members of Le Sserafim were spotted having a girls’ night out at a hotel where they were celebrating the successful completion of their first album. Dressed in matching night suits, the five members of Le Sserafim enjoyed their success at games and meals together.

Le Sserafim’s carefree attitude had fans gossiping about the members finally enjoying their success after Garam left the group, ending the Le Sserafim controversy. On the fandom page, a TikTok user broke news by posting a video of himself cutting up old Garam photo cards to express his hatred for the former girl group member.

In the video posted by the TikTok user, fans spoke about how Garam, who is still a minor, is being trolled and hated online. One fan said, “If I had banned the group and had their albums and gotten their photo cards, I would have thrown them away without anyone knowing.” Another fan replied, “I would have sold it. When I bought the album I said to myself that if I had Garam’s photo card I would sell it or give it away. There’s no need to overdo it.” One fan said, “NO, their photocards could be considered collectible now that they’ll never be printed again lol.” Another fan said, “I mean, at the end of the day have them the PC they can do whatever they want with. Sell ​​it, give it away or even cut it.” One fan said, “I’m just keeping mine to sell to a crazy fan in the future.”

While discussing the members “shadowing” Garam, one fan said, “Come on, she already left the group. There’s no need to rub salt on the wound.” Another fan said, “I think I would be stressed and worried if one of my group members was involved in a scandal and ruined the group’s reputation, like who don’t would.” One fan claimed, “You literally always looked happy. That girl Garam got kicked out but I still see her headlines in all these different news articles for different reasons bro.”

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