Saturday, June 25, 2022

Is Kim Garam back? At Le Sserafim’s Japanese photoshoot, fans ask about her case of bullying

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Kim Garam is taking a break after her victim took legal action for allegedly bullying her and assaulting classmates at school

It’s been a while since we received an update on Kim Garam and her bullying case. She has been embroiled in a serious scandal, even involving lawyers, when a victim accused the Le Sserafim star of bullying her at school. Other witnesses also claimed that Garam used to physically attack and engage in gang fights with classmates. This caused the general public to drop Garam, which in turn tarnished Le Sserafim’s image. Eventually, after HYBE put them on hold, the Knetizens began warming up to the new girl group.

Just the day after Garam’s break, we got daily viral posts from Knetizens praising Le Sserafim’s five-person stages. Even international fans admitted that they felt more comfortable supporting the group as Garam’s situation was risky and would rather not support a bully if the rumors turned out to be true. But there have been reports that HYBE didn’t actually plan on kicking them out of Le Sserafim and it looks like this might be true as we had a Japanese photo shoot of OT6 (all six members) with Garam.


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Le Sserafim graces the cover of a Japanese magazine with Garam

Since school bullying is extremely violent in South Korea, Knetizens are not happy that HYBE is constantly defending Kim Garam. Many also wondered if the photoshoot was a way for the label to test the waters and gauge public reaction before Garam returned to Le Sserafim. But a majority of Kneticens online have not, as some even felt that the magazine could have just cut them out or remade the photos.

A Kneadiz wrote, “Even if they took this picture a long time ago, the fact that they’re releasing it without retaking the picture just shows they have no intention of kicking her out.” Another said, “That is right, just keep them in the group and I won’t consume anything from HYBE. I can’t believe a company this big can’t think this through properly. Seriously, without BTS they’d be nobody.” One user added, “Huk… is that garam bitch coming back?”

While some fans who believe Garam is innocent are happy, even international fans made tweets like “Bro, at this point it’s an OT5 group, don’t play with me.” One found Sakura a little absently funny, “Not Sakura social distancing as it should”. Another fan argued: “Is her innocence proven? If not, why take the risk if it harms the other members? One commented, “They thought we forgot what that mfker did…no.” Another said, “I was hoping they finally kicked her out good…I guess I won’t hit her anymore.”

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