Saturday, June 25, 2022

Is Joseph Dixon Married? ‘Love Match Atlanta’ star shares romantic past with half-brother

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In the latest episode of Love Match Atlanta, Joseph visits his brother’s gym, a personal trainer, and they strike up a conversation

Joseph Dixon is the CEO and founder of the dating app Real Black Love (RBL) and the main cast of the dating show Love Match Atlanta. The reality TV personality has previously revealed that he met his girlfriend through his own app.

Joseph Dixon is said to be dating model Paris Denise, whom he met through Real Black Love (RBL). Paris is also his business partner. She is responsible for marketing the app and owns a sizable stake in the company. The model also stars in Bravo’s latest reality show and has already provided some dramatic moments. However, in the latest episode, Joseph opens up about his past relationship with his half-brother William.


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In the latest episode of Love Match Atlanta, Joseph visits his brother William as a personal trainer (whom he shares his mother with) at his gym. The RBL owner opens up about his 20lb quarantine gain and enlists his brother’s help to get back in shape. The brothers’ beautiful relationship shines through as they laugh between workouts. The duo eventually settle down and catch up after breaking a sweat.

Joseph inquires about William and his wife Reneta. William replies that everything went well and that their marriage is still going well after 5 years. William then addresses Joseph’s relationship with Paris. In a flashback, we see Paris trying to move forward with their relationship while Joseph has no definite plans. Joseph tells his brother how he ended a relationship from the moment he noticed obvious red flags or deal breakers to the point where he was constantly substituting one woman for another. He wants to break out of this cycle and finally come to rest. Also, he wants to stop being as self-centered as he was in his thirties.

In this episode, Joseph finally talks about his past relationship. He got married at a young age and admits it was a mistake. People change so much between 25 and 30 that it’s ridiculous, according to the matchmaker. However, he reveals that he and his ex-wife remain good friends long after their divorce. The couple also have a 13-year-old son named Gabriel and Joseph must make the best decision not only for himself but also for his son.

He admits that he and Paris have been together for more than 16 months (Shae mentioned in previous episodes that the duo broke up several times during their relationship). Joseph had hoped to meet a woman who shared his enthusiasm for what he does. He’s seen that intensity in Paris considering she too has a passion for black love and the dating scene. He jokes that she can cook too, effectively closing the deal.

Tune in next Sunday at 9 p.m. for the new episode of Love Match Atlanta only on Bravo TV.

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