Saturday, June 25, 2022

Is Jeonghan okay? 17 members allowed to perform with cast after elbow surgery at concert in Seoul

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Jeonghan is recovering, but fans are worried about how promotional activities for the album and upcoming world tour would affect his recovery

Seventeen recently made a comeback with the album Face The Sun, with Hot serving as the lead single. The boy band are actively promoting the album in South Korea before embarking on their world tour – ‘Be The Sun’ – with their first stop June 25-26 in Seoul. Considering this will be the boy band’s first in-person world tour since the pandemic began, it’s imperative that all 13 members of Seventeen are in the best possible shape.

However, reports of Jeonghan’s recent elbow surgery have worried fans. Pledis Entertainment announced that Jeonghan, the second oldest member of Seventeen, had surgery for lateral epicondylitis and a tendon damage in his right elbow. Jeonghan is recovering, but fans are worried about how promotional activities for the album and upcoming world tour would affect his recovery.


Seventeen’s Jeonghan recently had an elbow operation

In the new announcement, released on June 17, it was reported that Seventeen’s Jeonghan received conservative treatment for inflammation and damage to the external tendon of his right elbow. Treatment initially included the singer receiving an injection for his injury, but on June 15 an additional diagnosis reported that Jeonghan would need surgery for the problem. The label reported that Jeonghan has now successfully completed the surgery and was discharged from the hospital on June 16.

Following the operation, the Seventeen member is currently resting and will be seen in a cast for the time being. Pledis Entertainment said, “Jeonghan will wear a cast for the time being and in the future will wear a splint to protect the surgical site to allow her to recover more quickly.” The label states that given that the health and well-being of her Artists First has been asked to suspend the upcoming tour until he fully recovers.

With her world tour coming up, which is taking place for the first time in two years and four months, the singer wanted to be a part of it herself. Pledis Entertainment reported that while Jeonghan would like to participate, they may not be able to do so due to the busy schedule. They want him to focus on his recovery and health for now so he can take part in the upcoming tour.

Seventeen, on the other hand, will kick off their 2022 “Be The Sun” world tour from June 25 this year at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for two days and then head overseas to begin their world tour in the United States and Canada. Recently, Seventeen added more locations in Asia for its 2022 world tour for its Asia leg, Be The Sun. Following the conclusion of their US concerts, Seventeen will host seven new shows across Asia in cities such as Jakarta in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand and Manila in the Philippines before arriving in Singapore for their final show.

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