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Is Former SATC Star Jason Lewis Married?

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Jason Lewis is candidate on 31St Season of “Dancing with the Stars”.

The actor, who works with professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd, is best known for his role as the catering waiter who transformed Hollywood heartthrob Smith Jerrod in ‘Sex and the City.’ Lewis played Kim Cattrall’s character’s younger love, Samantha Jones, in the HBO hit and two sequels.

Murgatroyd told People she was “extremely” thrilled to learn she was going to work with the actor because she’s a SATC superfan.

“I’ve seen every episode dozens of times, the movies, I’ve seen ‘And Just Like That,'” the professional dancer said. “I was pretty excited because look at him, number one, the hunk from ‘Sex and the City’, anyone would give their right arm to dance with I think.”

While at SATC he was Samantha Jones’ 20-year-old boy, some DWTS fans may be wondering about Lewis’ real-life relationship status now that he’s in his early 50s.

According to Us Weekly, Lewis was in a serious relationship with actress Rosario Dawson around the same time he was with SATC. The two stars dated from 2004 to November 2006 and even lived together during that time.

But Lewis found serious love again after meeting actress and producer Liz Godwin at a party in Miami in 2015, according to People. In an Instagram post shared on Valentine’s Day 2020, Lewis revealed he’s been engaged to Godwin — and has been for a few months.

“On December 27, 2019, I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me… and made me the happiest man alive,” he captioned a photo of his proposal taken at sunset. “I look forward to embracing every ounce of life with you and feel so blessed that you are too ♥ Thank you to all my dear friends who helped in so many ways to make this magical day possible.”

“Cats out of the poke and I’ll spend the rest of my life with this hunk,” Godwin captioned the same photo on her social media page.

In an interview with press reporters after his DWTS casting announcement, Lewis admitted that if it weren’t for his fiancée, he probably would never have said “yes” to DWTS.

“I’d always said no because I felt like it was reality TV and it wasn’t of interest,” he admitted to People. “When the offer came up this year, my fiancee asked me to be a little less stubborn and at least see one show. And so I saw [the] first episode she aired and I was in awe.”

Lewis also revealed that Godwin was by his side throughout the DWTS process and was excited to find out who his pro partner was.

“She had her short list of people that she really hoped I would get, and Peta was on it,” he shared. “It’s been fun because not only has she kept me informed, but she has someone to share it with who is really enthusiastic. She’s such a great support. I love you baby!”

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