Friday, August 5, 2022

Is Dane DiLiegro Dating Paula Abdul? ‘Prey’ star warns fans of ‘scam information’

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DiLiegro posted a selfie saying, “I’m not dating anyone either so anything posted there is scam information.”

Paula Abdul and Dane DiLiegro walked the red carpet together for “Prey” on Aug. 2, leading some fans to speculate that love might be in the air between them. This led to rumors that the two are gaining ground “on top of each other” and the couple’s followers couldn’t get enough of them after posting a glowing snap they took on the red carpet.

However, the former pro basketball player-turned-actor recently made his relationship status clear on his Instagram story. On Thursday, Aug. 4, DiLiegro posted a selfie stating, “I’m not dating anyone either so anything posted there is scam information,” along with a thumbs-up.


Abdul was present alongside the rising star and other cast members at the Regency Village Theater red carpet, held this week in Los Angeles. On the red carpet, DiLiegro, who is 7 feet 4 inches tall, towered over the petite ‘Straight Up’ hitmaker. Abdul looked classy in a short sleeve dress while DiLiegro looked dapper in a blue suit with a white shirt, matching shoes and pointy heels.

Although they looked great together, the duo isn’t romantically involved. The two are content to be single, with DiLiegro concentrating on his new film release, and the former ‘American Idol’ judge, who was previously romantically linked with JT Torregiani, is keeping active by attending various events.

DiLiegro will play the predator in the fifth installment of the legendary 1987 horror action film Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. To breathe new life into the series, Hulu and 20th Century Studios are releasing a movie unlike any previous Predator movie. Hulu shared the image on its official Instagram account on Wednesday, August 3 to promote the exciting film, which is available to stream starting August 5.

DiLiegro told ‘Entertainment Weekly’: “I retired from basketball almost three years ago and moved to Los Angeles to start acting. I had two characters in mind that I wanted to do 13.”

“To this day I still can’t believe I got the opportunity to play the Predator. I still can’t believe it,” added DiLiegro. Before landing his role in Prey, he even appeared in the chilling American Horror Stories and as a zombie in The Walking Dead. “I think I was one of the greatest runners in Walking Dead history,” joked DiLiegro.

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