Monday, August 8, 2022

Is BTS Jimin Dating Actress Song Da-eun? Fans dismiss rumors saying ‘This is so stupid’

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Rumors about BTS Jimin dating actress Song Da-eun have fans stating they will only believe HYBE Label’s statement

BTS’ hiatus has been plagued with the best news for many fans, but knowing that members now have a lot more free time to focus on things that interest them as well as their solo careers has kept the flow of dating rumors going opened, in which the members are involved. From the rumor that V (Kim Tae-hyung) is dating Jennie from Blackpink after they were reportedly spotted together on Jeju Island, to RM (Kim Namjoon)’s alleged fiancé providing updates about their “marriage” published just so HYBE could step in and clarify this untrue.

Not only that, J-Hope has also been embroiled in dating rumors with Blackpink’s Rose after the two were spotted taking pictures with the same person. Now Jimin is the fourth member of BTS to be involved in a dating rumor with actress Song Da-eun has fans joking that Knetz really does have a lot of free time after all. On July 18, Knetz published a viral (now-deleted) post on the Internet forum, Nate Pann, which included a body of evidence to prove the two celebrities had been in a relationship for some time.


BTS Jimin’s alleged date with Song Da-eun

The post, titled “Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da Eun,” featured certain random occurrences where BTS Jimin as well as the actress were spotted in the same location. Not only that, but the accessories worn by the idol and actress were put under a microscopic gaze as the fan claimed the two were in a relationship. Additionally, the captions and hashtags used by Song Da-eun on her Instagram account were rated by fans, who were sure she was trying to subtly imply that she was dating Jimin.

OP (Original Poster) went from stating that the two artists wore the same earrings on the same day, to the minute-by-minute timing of their Instagram Stories, to stating that the actress flaunted watching the same film, which was dated BTS member was recommended to fans. All of this evidence has fans claiming that OP’s points weren’t actually evidence of anything other than a dedicated attempt to make something out of sheer coincidences.

Given the way BTS members always stay under the radar, fans have made it clear that they will not heed rumours, but instead focus on BTS and will only trust things made by BTS members as well as their label – Big – Hit Music/HYBE.

Fans state that the Korean netizen is striving for a connection between Jimin and Song Da-eun as they make up things like Jimin’s number among BTS members, which is 5 because he was the fifth-oldest member of the boy band. One fan said: “Since when is Jimin’s number 5 in BTS?? This is so stupid.” Another fan said, “The post has a wide reach, I thought we’d at least see a blurry pic of them together.” Another fan said, “I’ve got more than hours of updates and similar stuff on something waited. Such a poor range lol.”

One fan said, “Free BTS from these stupid dating posts.” One fan said, “I was waiting for one of the clue numbers to actually be relevant and conclusive, but then…like why would you go to a game with your boyfriend.” and then NOT sitting with him what’s the point?” Another fan said: “They wore the same earrings and updated 4 minutes apart completely different things wow so irrefutable so true beast you killed that detective work , and then everyone stood up and clapped.”

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