Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Is Brian Laundrie Dead? TRUTH about the remains recovered in North Carolina

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Brian Laundrie is wanted in connection with the death of Long Island native Gabby Petito, 22

An unidentified body was discovered in North Carolina on Saturday, October 9, leading social media users to speculate that it was Laundrie’s. Amid endless social media speculation, the FBI has confirmed that a body found near a scenic North Carolina lookout over the weekend is not that of Florida refugee Brian Laundrie. The rumors have now been rejected by the FBI. Brian Laundrie is wanted in connection with the death of Long Island-born Gabby Petito, 22. Petito’s body was found a few days after her disappearance, and her death was subsequently classified as murder.

“There is currently no evidence of a link or any reason to believe it was related to the search for the fugitive Brian Laundrie,” the FBI told WSOC-TV in a statement on Sunday, October 10th. The remains are being investigated by federal agencies along with the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. An ID has yet to be published.


While a massive manhunt for Laundrie is ongoing, a number of people have come forward revealing potential sightings of the man, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Several people have claimed to have seen the fugitive, with leads even from Mexico, Canada and the Bahamas.

Amid speculation that Laundrie’s parents were helping him escape justice, his sister Cassie Laundrie recently said that her family ignored her after her brother disappeared and Petito died. In front of protesters outside her home at Lakewood Ranch on Monday, October 4, Cassie said she did not know if her parents helped Laundrie escape and that she was unable to speak to them . “I’m in the boat where I’m being ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family lawyer,” Cassie had said. The Laundrie family attorney previously confirmed that Chris and Roberta Laundrie did not know their son’s whereabouts.

The police have not been able to locate Brian Laundrie for days. He has been named as an interested person in Petito’s murder and an arrest warrant has been issued against him. Last week, Brian Laundrie’s father, Chris Laundrie, joined the FBI in their search for his missing son. He “accompanied members of the law enforcement agencies into the [T. Marby Carlton Jr. Memorial] Reserve to show them the trails and places Chris and Brian hiked and Brian is known to visit, “Laundrie family attorney Steve Bertolino said in a statement.

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