Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Is Beyonce finally dropping a double album? Queen Bey’s cryptic posts have fans in a frenzy

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Beyonce quickly snagged a top spot on trending lists after teasing new tracks, giving fans hope that she might release a double album

Beyonce, who released her last solo album Lemonade in 2016, may finally be preparing for a new album. Queen Bey teased her fans around the world on June 11 with a cryptic post that many believe was about her new music. The R&B singer, who enjoys a massive following across all social media platforms, has been poking her fans with the titles “B7” and “B8” on her website, leaving her fans confused.

The 40-year-old singer quickly grabbed one of the top spots on the trending list after teasing the new tracks, giving her fans hope that the singer could release a double album. Beyonce’s latest stunt comes after deleting the ad pic on all her social media platforms, sending impatient music lovers into a frenzy.

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Beyonce certainly knows how to make an internet splash, and she pulled the publicity stunt just right as the internet went mad over the latest cryptic posts shared on her official site. It appears that the title “B7” refers to Beyonce releasing her seventh album, and “B8” would of course refer to the crooners’ eighth album. The official names of their albums have yet to be announced.

Beyonce hasn’t directly commented on her new music release yet, but apparently her mom, Tina Knowles, liked a social media post that spoke about the same thing. Speaking of music, Beyonce had released a single “Be Alive” in the Oscar strip “King Richard” starring Will Smith. She was previously busy with her Disney+ visual film, Black Is King.

Is Beyonce finally releasing new music?

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