Saturday, January 21, 2023

Is Aubrey O’Day Pregnant? Singer Danity Kane’s mysterious new boyfriend is out of the public spotlight

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Aubrey O’Day makes headlines after showing off her stomach on the red carpet at the SPiN Awards Gala hosted by Society Performers Academy and Founder Joe Lorenzo at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday seemed to weigh in January 17th. The ‘Show Stopper’ hitmaker wore a form-fitting long white dress that adorned her blonde tresses in waves while maintaining her signature makeup look, which she paired with a matching necklace. But that’s not the only highlight of the glamor event.

On the red carpet, O’Day told a reporter that motherhood was in her future. “I had mother fever,” she explained while she was seen posing for pictures while placing a hand on her stomach and appearing to be blowing kisses at the camera. The singer was “in a good mood,” said a viewer. She also appeared to be “shining” while posing for photos. In a recent Instagram post, Aubrey teased that “miracles are waiting to happen in all of us,” as she told fans to “never give up.” A source close to Aubrey shared, “She’s pregnant… She’s early in her pregnancy and so excited.” She told The US Sun, “I have someone special in my life. When I got home from Bali, which wasn’t that long ago, I was open to dating again.” “After my relationship with Pauly D, I didn’t have sex or be intimate with anyone for about three years, so this was the first person I felt comfortable being vulnerable with.” A source confirmed that the father of Aubrey’s baby is the mystery boyfriend. She hasn’t released his name for privacy reasons.

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In a previous interview, Aubrey opened up about her past relationship with Pauly D and why she was celibate for three years after dating the 42-year-old reality star from 2016-2017. “I started overusing sex in our relationship so his d**k was so tired he wouldn’t f**k girls on the weekends when he went to his events. I didn’t want him to cheat.” She made it clear to us that her song “Couple Goals” wasn’t inspired by the 42-year-old DJ — as some outlets had reported — saying, “I like the words ‘inspire’ and Pauly D doesn’t. in the same sentence.” She claimed, “The pain was caused by the man, and the inspiration was me.”

This comes after she called Donald Trump Jr. her “soulmate” in her first public interview about their alleged affair. She described the relationship, which allegedly began and ended in 2011 when Donald, 44, decided “to be the president’s son.” They met while filming Celebrity Apprentice. The California native admitted the breakup was difficult to deal with and felt she “needed to defend the guy” whom she called her “soulmate in life.” She explained: “If I say so [he] was my soul mate, i won’t lie. I’m a very honest person,” she admitted. “So I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, I had nothing to do with him. He’s ridiculous. No, he was just like me,” she explained at the time. But in the end, she admitted, she was “disappointed with what he became.” “I saw him choose an inauthentic life — for status, for power, whatever it is.”

Last month, Audrey said she’s still “healed from body shame” and her “past relationships.” We are happy to see her “glowing” and “happy”. Let’s hopefully wait until she officially confirms everything.

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