Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Is Aesha Scott okay? ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Star Opens Up About Her Encounter With ‘Armed Pirates’

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Aesha described her encounter with a real pirate incident as “so exciting” and “so exciting”.

Aesha Scott from Below Deck Down Under has been working onboard boats for almost eight years, so she has many interesting stories to share. Luckily for her admirers, she revealed some of their most shocking encounters on this week’s episode of the Hollywood Raw podcast with Adam Glyn and Dax Holt.

Despite the fact that Aesha began to doubt her future in sailing after Season 5 of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ ended, viewers were overjoyed when Aesha was promoted to Chief for Season 1 of ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Stew was promoted. Despite Aesha and Captain Jason Chambers’ troubles with chef Ryan McKeown and third stew Magda Ziomek while chartering Thalassa, fans admired Aesha’s ability to foster a cheerful work atmosphere while being professional. Aesha’s rapid rise in popularity cemented her place as a fan favorite, with many considering her the best Below Deck chef’s stew in the franchise. She gets the most wonderful and quirky anecdotes from her days as a deckhand on yachts for so many years working first hand for some crazy wealthy people, some of which she shares on the podcast.


Her stories that didn’t take place during the filming of the Bravo series range from strange encounters to dubious pairings, admitting she’s even met real-life pirates “off the coast of Cuba.” On the show, the celebrity described the latter as “so exciting” and “such a thrill.” At first the crew only saw “this little boat coming towards us. We call it a dinghy… a little tin boat,” she said.

“I was looking through these binoculars and in this little dinghy all these guys with AK-47s were coming toward us,” she explained, claiming there were more than a dozen people. Scott’s boat was anchored at the time, so they decided to start the engine to avoid the strangers – but it takes about 10 minutes for the boat to gather enough energy to move off.

“Right away…they took all of us girls to the team mess and locked us in there. We didn’t have any weapons – just a small pistol,” recalled the Second Stew. “So what the guys did is the entire deck crew had to go on deck to start the forces. They rolled out all the fire hoses on the side so if they reach us and try to board you can turn on the fire hoses. They are so strong they would probably be blown back.

The boys also smashed glass bottles from recycling bins “to use for piercing [the pirates] if they had managed to get on board.”

“So that was this stampede. But that’s where the excitement of the story ends, because then the engineers got the engines running and we sped off into the sunset,” said the reality star. “But I liked my little taste of risk.”

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