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Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend on Netflix: How Loni Love never understood healthy eating before joining WW

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Love was drawn to WW after a series of failed diet attempts because she felt the wonderful WW app suited her busy lifestyle

Netflix is ​​back with one of its legendary cooking shows. That’s right, we’re talking about “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend”. The chefs are all ready to compete with delicious food, delicious presentations and all the drama in between.

The trailer offers a glimpse of the upcoming food fights with secret ingredients and the “GOAT” Masaharu Morimoto, who will serve as guest judges along with Francis Lam, Nancy Silverton, Justin Willman, Danny Trejo, Lorena Garcia, Loni Love and Wolfgang Puck. Series judges are Andrew Zimmer and Nilou Motamed. Read on to learn more about Loni Love.


Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend: 5 things you need to know about Netflix’s cooking reality show

When did Love start her comedy career?

The actress, author and comedian was born in Detroit. Love received her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Prairie View A&M University in Texas. She then worked as an engineer at Xerox in California and continued to do stand-up in clubs as a side hustle after work, only to find out how passionate she was about stand-ups.

Love eventually quit her job at Xerox to do comedy during a layoff to prevent someone else from losing their job. The actress began her comedy career in 2013 after her debut in Star Search. Love was named a “Hot Comic” by Campus Activity magazine in 2009 and was one of the “Top 10 Comics to Watch”. She won the 2003 Jury Prize for Best Stand-Up.

Jean Nidetch founded the Weight Watchers program in the early 1960s. Today, this group has grown to include millions of women and men around the world who use Weight Watchers products and services to shed unwanted pounds. It is a points-based weight loss program that calculates your personal nutritional needs based on your height, weight, age and activity level. You are assigned points daily and the program is designed to track your diet.

The program aims to offer a diet with the goal of weight loss. In 2018, Weight Watchers conducted a rebranding initiative with a new tagline: “Wellness that Works.” The program also has an app to help log your groceries digitally and find support virtually through the WW app. WW has a large library of recipes and on-demand workouts included with every membership.

Loni Love is currently a WW brand ambassador. She is the presenter of the program and admits to having tried dieting in the past but to no avail. Loni has been candid about her weight loss journey lately, and in May 2018, she shared with her fans the biggest lesson she’s learned: take things slow. Love recalled her childhood during a March 2020 promotional segment for WW on The Real, and shared why she blames her early diet for her lifelong struggle with the scale.

She also shared that she lost 50 pounds very quickly and ended up gaining about 70 because she wasn’t doing it healthily. Over the years she has emphasized the importance of sticking to a diet and that she has never been able to focus on the right one for her after almost all of her diet plans have failed over and over again in the long run.

How love never understood healthy eating before WW

In May 2019, People confirmed that Loni Love had joined the WW (Weight Watchers) family as an ambassador. Speaking about her journey, Love also said she was drawn to WW after a series of failed diet attempts because she thought they had a wonderful WW app that worked for her busy lifestyle. Love became visibly emotional and fought back tears, adding that she has teamed up with WW to specifically help the black community.

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