Monday, June 27, 2022

Internet in splits after Megan Thee Stallion pest Cara Delevingne from Doja Cat pic

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Cara Delevingne acted “bizarrely” with Megan at the Billboard Awards, according to her fans

Megan Thee Stallion shared a picture from the 2022 Billboard Awards on her Instagram Story, which fans found surprising. British supermodel Cara Delevingne appeared cut out of the story. Apparently, Delevingne was mocked for her “bizarre” behavior at the Music Awards on Sunday night, May 15 in Las Vegas.

The snap went live on Stallion’s Instagram story a while after the event wrapped. Megan happily posed with Doja Cat and Delevingne during the ceremony. However, it was later revealed that she had cut out Cara and only shared snaps with Doja Cat, as Cara’s obsession with Megan was called “disgusting” online.


The ‘Savage’ singer released some pictures from the music event where she won the Best Rap Artist award. However, the multiple pictures she posed for with Cara Delevingne that same evening never made it onto her social media. The original version of the altered image showed Megan, Cara, and Doja in that order. As the musicians posed for the camera, smiling and pouting, the 29-year-old British model stared off into the distance.

Cara was mocked online after being circumcised by Megan. Netizens claimed Cara molested the rapper while she was tending the train of her outfit. The “quirky” behavior began when Megan posed for photographers on the carpet at the event; As she stood and had her picture taken, Cara was caught on camera staring at the rapper from the sidelines.

Cara then jumped into the shoot to pick up the train from Megan’s dress and attempted to throw it in the air and let it flap in an apparent attempt to help Megan take even more dramatic photos.

Though Cara’s intentions may have been pure, her behavior caused quite the uproar on Instagram and a millennial meme fest on Twitter. Below are some iconic ones.

Fashin doll maker Bratz asked, “What’s happening here? Wrong answers only#[email protected]
@Cara Delevingne”

Another user joked, “Megan thee stud after Cara Delevingne annihilated her.”

Taking this one step further, one user added, “nobody: megan thee stallion: *looks under her bed* cara delevingne:”

Here’s the clip that made millennials meme Cara.

One user said: “Cara Delevingne’s obsession with Megan Thee Stallion is pretty weird and disgusting, to say the least…she’s doing things Meg’s own husband hasn’t done to her in public…”

Another user replied: “I mean Cara is weird. But as if she hadn’t done anything offensive. She just came across as weird to social media viewers. Meagan didn’t seem to have a problem.”

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