Monday, August 8, 2022

Inside Out 2: cast, release date, plot and the latest rumors about the Walt Disney sequel

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In collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures has developed a sequel to the Oscar-winning film Inside Out.

Walt Disney Pictures did a great job creating Inside Out seven years ago. The reason we say this is because of the instant fan base and applause the film received for its unique storyline and creative animation.

Here’s some good news for animated film fans and those who loved Inside Out. In partnership with Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures has developed a sequel to the Oscar-winning 2015 film.


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When is Inside Out 2 coming out?

Walt Disney Studios has the film in theaters on June 19, 2022, but it’s available for streaming until the end of the year.

The first part of the film showed Riley in her toddler stage trying to juggle her emotions. Primarily five of them – happiness, disgust, anger, fear and sadness. The film also showed how her parents attempted to make sense of her life using her five “mature” emotions, as opposed to Riley’s inner emotional landscape, which is less developed. By the end of the film, Riley had understood the complex interplay of emotions involved in her complicated, bittersweet memories.

The second part is more about Riley in her teenage years. Riley is now 15 and plunged into the hormonal hell of puberty. Adolescence is known as the time when your emotions get mixed up, so expect pure chaos, drama, moments of betrayal, and every little hormonal shift a teenager goes through in the sequel. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime!

Here is the voice cast for various characters in the film:

1. Amy Poehler will voice Joy.
2. Phyllis Smith will express sadness.
3. Mindy Kaling will play disgust.
4. Bill Hader will voice fear.
5. Anger is portrayed by Lewis Black.
6. Sherlock Boredom is voiced by Ty Burrell.
7. Adam Katz becomes Dr. represent tranquillity.
8. Confidence is expressed by Eric Idle.
9. Tony Hale will voice Pride.
10. Kristen Wiig will speak Lust.
11. Alison Brie will utter laughter.
12. Jonah Hill will voice Surprise.
13. AJ Styles will voice Joy’s cousin.
14. Rowan Atkinson will voice Crazy.
15. Chris Pratt will speak Courage.
16. Jen Williamson will express kindness.
17. Will Arnett will voice Hex.
18. Nicolas Cage will vote for Brain.
19. Jim Carrey will voice Vladik.

The viewers who have already seen the first movie know that the plot revolves around a girl named Riley who is controlled by 5 emotions. The audience is now desperate to experience the plot of the second part. Inside Out 2 will have the same characters as in the first film. Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Lewis Black will express the five emotions of joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger. But there will also be 11 more emotions in the second part, with 11 more actors representing Riley’s turbulent inner world.

Who are the voice actors for Inside Out 2?

This is a comedy from Walt Disney Pictures in association with Pixar Animation Studios. The film is directed by Pete Docter.

The official trailer is not out yet. Stay tuned!

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