Monday, October 25, 2021

Influencer’s exaggerated PR package worth $ 2,000 divides TikTok: “Read the room”

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TikTok was split after a New York fashion influencer visited the platform to showcase her flamboyant PR package from a luxury skincare brand.

Under the title “Woah! That was an incredible surprise from La Mer, ”Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) posted a clip of a life-size green suitcase that was delivered to her home.

When opened, the luxury package revealed a dressing table with a chair and mirror on the right and a set of drawers on the left.

In the drawers was a bottle of champagne with two baccarat glasses (which Sai later confirmed in the comments that she was allowed to keep), a giant glass of La Mer’s best-selling face cream, Creme de la Mer, worth over $ 2,000 and a branded bathrobe.

Sai made it clear that the suitcase would then be taken away for the next person to enjoy.

“The whole experience was absolutely amazing and I love that they refill the chest and take it away so that someone else can have the same experience,” she explained.

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The clip garnered over half a million views and an influx of mixed reactions.

One suggested that the package was “so numb” while another focused on the iconic Keeping up with the Kardashians Scene in which Kim loses her diamond earring in the sea: “People are dying, Kim.”

Another told the influencer to “read the room”.

While the clip encountered some backlash, others didn’t understand why other TikTok users were so offended.

“Why are people so excited,” said one. “It’s a PR package, but because it’s a luxury brand, they like to go bigger than just a little box. If anything, good for them. “

“Why are people crazy? I literally don’t understand what’s so offensive about this video, ”added another.

While one TikTok user was impressed with the extravagant package, they said “This is PR now”.

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