Friday, December 2, 2022

I’m so much hotter in my 50s than I was in 40 — I’ve shared my secrets, but I get trolled for “faking it”.

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A 51-year-old in KRAFT training showed how beauty can go hand in hand with age and a healthy lifestyle.

Social media user Annamaria Kalebic posted a video earlier this year showing how she feels much more attractive in her 50s than she was in 40.

A picture Kalebic shared of her in her forties
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She feels much more attractive in her 50s than in her 40s[/caption]

“I lost my groove in my 40s, but luckily I found it back in my 50s,” Kalebic said.

In the photos she shared of her when she was 50, her skin is glowing and looks much smoother compared to the selfies of her when she was 40.

Her face is also much thinner now and her hair fuller.

“Good nutrition, strength training and good personal hygiene are just a few of the changes I’ve made that have given me back my confidence,” she said.

“I feel healthier and more beautiful than ever.”

On her Instagram, she shares her tips for glowing with her followers, acknowledging healthy eating, exercising and prioritizing her gut health as secrets of her age.

“I count plants, not calories,” she said.

“That’s why I feel fitter now in my 50s than I did in my 20s.”

Though she credits her healthy lifestyle to her stunning glow, many viewers claim she’s faking it.

“Makeup and good lighting,” said one user.

“A filter by the looks of it,” said another.

However, Kalebic remains confident and firmly believes that 50 is the new 20.

She recently captioned an Instagram post of herself smiling: “If living at 51 means I’m aging shamefully, I’m for it!

“I’m having the time of my life, getting fitter, learning new skills, dancing at every opportunity, don’t worry about what other people think, for me 50 is the new 20 but better!”

And before attending a fitness photoshoot earlier this year, Kalebic admitted she was exercising up to four times a week, upping her protein intake, sleeping more, staying hydrated and keeping a positive attitude.

Regarding the “perks” of being over 50, Kalebic explained in another video: that she’s living her best life at 51.

She explained: “I was so worried about getting older, but now I see it as a beautiful gift! I watch my diet, watch my exercise (mainly strength training) and watch my mindset.”

“As a result, I’ve had an easy ride when it comes to menopause,” she continued.

“I am grateful to share my healthy aging tips on this amazing platform. Many Thanks @Tick Tock and the amazing community here, I’m having a blast! “

She attributes her glow to a commitment to healthy habits
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Many trolls think she’s done her job
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