Saturday, June 25, 2022

Illiana Treviño: The survivor of the Uvalde shooting goes into CARDIAC ARREST at the Best Buddy Memorial

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Illiana Treviño and Amerie Jo Garza, who died on the fateful day while calling 911 for help, were inseparable at school

UVALDE, TEXAS: An 11-year-old girl from Uvalde who was in Robb Elementary School when Guman Salvador Ramos killed 19 students and two teachers on May 24 had a near-death experience while paying tribute to her best friend at the memorial. Illiana Treviño and Amerie Jo Garza, who died on the fateful day while calling 911 for help, were close friends. Illiana went to the 10-year-old’s memorial last week but almost had a heart attack.

The schoolgirl’s heart rate reportedly increased at the Amerie memorial and she was taken to a hospital before being transferred to Children’s Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where she is being treated. A GoFundMe was initiated for her, which said: “Amerie would protect Illiana from bullies and always came to her rescue. Your heart cannot take the stress and trauma of the past week. We hardly see the side effects of what this tragic incident has brought to our community.”


Speaking to PEOPLE, Illiana’s mother Jessica Treviño said: “I think it’s just a broken heart that we have to work on the healing. Everything just broke her in two and she’s scared of being bullied again.” The mum revealed when they reached the hospital after leaving a teddy bear and flowers at the memorial for her daughter’s best friend, she was told: ” Your daughter goes into cardiac arrest.”

Jessica said: “Her body basically shut down completely. It couldn’t take it. Her body was basically reacting to the shock. She still faces some difficult issues. And it’s a long road to recovery. She must be constantly monitored. I’m so worried. I pray daily.”

Illiana’s mother also shared how the little girl, who was not hurt during the mass shooting, found out about Amerie’s death. After watching her friend between the victim’s faces on the news, “she just started screaming and crying. I told her, ‘I’m sorry baby. There’s only a few ugly people in the world,'” Jessica told PEOPLE, going on to fondly remember Amerie by saying, “Amerie made her feel safe and she feels that she is fine going to school.”

She added: “Amerie’s parents did an amazing job raising such a beautiful little love. It’s so sad how things turn out in life because it’s not fair. It really isn’t fair that one of those kids lost their life, but it breaks me even more because I know how much that kid did for my kid.”

This heartbreaking news comes days after the husband of a teacher who was murdered during the attack died of a heart attack. Irma Garcia was killed during the school massacre and two days later Joe, her husband of 24 years, also died. Irma’s cousin Debra Austin said, “I truly believe that Joe died of a broken heart and the loss of the love of his life of 30+ years was too much to bear.”

Her nephew John Martinez wrote on Twitter: “She died with children in her arms trying to protect her, these were not only her students they were her children, she was teacher of the year and loved by so many. She’s gone, but the world will never forget her name.”

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