Monday, November 28, 2022

I work at McDonald’s and customers keep saying the same annoying things – I’m fed up with the cheesy chat-up lines

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WE ALL love a cheeky McDonald’s for a quick weeknight meal or on the way back from the pub.

But do we ever think about what it’s like for the workers who deal with us?


Abbie revealed that customers always have the same annoying complaints[/caption]


Builders are always trying to use cheesy chat up lines against them[/caption]

Well, a McDonald’s employee revealed what it’s like to interact with customers, and it seems they’re all saying the same thing.

Abbie Selby, 20, wrote on TikTok: “POV: You work at McDonald’s.”

And added “Living the dream” in the caption.

The first annoying customer is a middle-aged woman, or what most of us now call “a Karen,” who demands to speak to the manager because her chips are cold.



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And working the drive-thru is no better as it features a picture of a man in a car yelling at everyone for running out of milkshakes.

She wrote: “NO MILKSHAKES this is the worst day of my life.”

Even worse than complaining customers are the customers who try to approach her while she’s just doing her job.

Abbie included a picture of a builder and wrote, “No sugar you’re sweet enough.”

And not only the adults can be demanding, children will often complain about the number of balloons they can get.

“But my mom said I could have six balloons,” the McDonald’s worker recalled with a picture showing a screaming teenage girl.

Also, middle-aged couples always complain about the volume of the music at the fast food joint, Abbie included a picture of a well fed looking couple and wrote: “Turn the music down it’s not a nightclub.”

Finally, while it may be annoying to be told to smile, the old women who come in mean well at least.

They often say, “Well, if you’re not happy, keep smiling today.”

People were quick to share their thoughts on the video, one wrote; “Remember ‘YOUR ICE MACHINE NEVER WORKS’.”

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Another person commented: “Why no cheese bites you ruined my day?”

A third wrote: “Got to admit with the music I go in at 4am to get a coffee and Adele radiates like back in your box Adele you just want a coffee.”


Abby often hears older women complain that their chips are too cold[/caption]

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