Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘I was really touched’: Camille Vasquez reveals how a mother made her cry at Depp v. Heard trial

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“I had a mother who would pick her daughter up from school and drive her to the trial,” Vasquez said

One of the most prominent figures to emerge during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was Camille Vasquez. She recently had a different type of interview, one that was more personal, and in the process she spoke about a range of topics, including why she became emotional during the process.

Following her team’s triumph for Depp on Wednesday, June 22, Access Hollywood attorney Mario Lopez, 37, gave her first in-depth one-on-one TV interview. Speaking about her hotel upbringing as the daughter of a Hilton hotel manager, Vasquez says, “I had a really blessed childhood but we grew up quickly because we were a reflection of our father and it was his place of work and that’s where we lived . but we also had to be real young ladies.”


The California native also breaks down in tears as she shares a heartwarming scenario about a mother who drove her daughter to the libel trial just so she could see the stunning Latina lawyer in action. “I had a mother who would pick her daughter up from school and drive her to the trial,” Vasquez said. “During one of the breaks, she stopped me and made me cry because she said, ‘I took my daughter out of school, it was important enough because I wanted her to meet you.’ And you know she said there are no role models out there.”

Vasquez added, “Young female Hispanic role models to look up to and you were that to her so thank you.” And I was very touched by it again and I don’t know how it happened but other than that I was just doing my job.”

During the candid conversation, Lopez Vasquez asked who she would cast in her film if she ever made one. The lawyer laughed when asked and initially indicated that she would let casting directors choose the professionals: “I think I should leave that to the casting directors, they get paid a lot of money for that.”

Vasquez later clarified that she would prefer a Latina actress like Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria to take her role, even mentioning that some have compared her to the latter: “Some wonderful Latina, hopefully actress like Salma Hayek or … Eva Longoria. There’s some people have said I look a little like that.” Vasquez was stunned when Lopez called Longoria his “sweetheart” and friend, and he even joked about how he could “set up” the actress to hug Vasquez with ease to play.

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