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‘I love a mother’s boy’: Lorenda was called ‘ungrateful’ for returning Abbey’s birthday present

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After seeing Lorenda disrespect Abbey by returning the gift, several fans took to Twitter to denounce her behavior

While fans are used to seeing the unpredictable behavior of the moms featured in “I Love A Mama’s Boy,” fans were still somewhat surprised by Lorenda’s behavior. After Lorenda got her son Tre to spend Valentine’s Day with her to celebrate her birthday instead of spending time with his friend Abbey, Lorenda took another swipe at Abbey by returning the birthday present she had given her .

Although Abbey didn’t attend Lorenda’s birthday party, she decided to give her boyfriend’s mother a present. Abbey got Lorenda a beautiful dress. Even before she tried on the dress, Lorenda began complaining that the dress was too low-cut and more suitable for a person younger than her. But Abbey gently suggested Lorenda try the dress on, while assuring her it would look great on her. After presenting the gift, Abbey decided to take the opportunity to set some boundaries for Lorenda. Abbey pointed out that Lorenda didn’t have to come in and clean her house or do chores for her every day. Rather than trying to understand Abbey’s point of view, Lorenda took it on as Abbey asking her to stay out of her son Tre’s life. Lorenda was very upset, so she returned Abbey’s birthday present and got a different new outfit instead.


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Since Abbey was working at the boutique where she bought the dress, she saw Lorenda go into the store and return the gift. In her confessional, Lorenda criticized the outfit Abbey had provided for her, feeling that she should be allowed to choose her own outfit rather than Abbey dictating what to wear. After seeing Lorenda disrespect Abbey by returning the gift, several fans took to Twitter to denounce her behavior.

One fan tweeted, “It’s the thought that counts Lorenda. Abbey couldn’t have given you anything and I would have given your ungrateful ass!#iloveamommasboy.” “This is the last gift she would get from me #iloveamommasboy,” one fan wrote. Another fan commented, “Lorenda you never wanted to invite Abbey anyway so you should appreciate that she gave you a birthday present #iloveamommasboy.” “Abbey is too nice to Tre and Lorenda. Lorenda is so hyper it’s ridiculous. Abbey takes too much and relaxes. #iloveamommasboy,” added one fan.


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Another fan shared: “Oh shit Tres Mama brought the present back before Abbey. Then, when Abbey talks about Tre, she’ll like her in the new outfit. This is too much. #iloveamamasboy #iloveamommasboy.” “Lorenda is trying to return her gift because her shirt didn’t say mommy or nana. Which indicates that that is her entire personality. #ILoveAMamasBoy,” one fan commented. “Lorenda wants to exchange the gift but not this Party City WIG!! #ILoveAMamasBoy,” one fan sneered. “Lorenda says gift looks too young while wearing tracksuit SMFH #iloveamamasboy,” pointed out one fan.

I Love A Mama’s Boy Season 3 airs every Sunday at 9/8c on TLC.

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