Monday, November 28, 2022

I let my kids do what they want – they drink coffee and shave their heads, I don’t care as long as they’re happy

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Whether it’s a set bedtime or avoiding sugary snacks, most moms and dads have some rules in place for their kids.

But unlike most parents, mother-of-four Mara Doemland, 29, lets her kids do whatever they want — whether it’s enjoying coffee, shaving their heads or eating sand.

The Texas, USA housewife raises her children with a mixture of different parenting styles, but also “doesn’t want them to be restricted in what they do”.

Perhaps to inspire her brood, Mara walks around barefoot whenever she can, allowing the four of them to do the same if they choose.

Mara, the mother of Emmy, 9, Murphy, 7, Ripley, 5, and Indy, 2, often encourages the kids to play in the rain and has no dietary restrictions.

Ready to break all norms, the 29-year-old has even allowed Emmy to shave off her locks, and if boys feel like wearing dresses, she’s fine with that.

“I let my kids go barefoot if they want, unless the sidewalk is too hot. Emmy and Indy love to be barefoot.

“I let them drink coffee if they want to taste it, but they don’t drink it like adults.

“They don’t make espresso all day,” she giggled.

“If it rains, I make sure we all get out and just have fun. It’s liberating, but it’s a mess.”

Sharing her story, Mara, who became a mother when she was 19, said she was a strict mom at first – but over time she learned to allow children to make their own decisions.

“I was mean and had no patience when I first had Emmy.

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“I’m not okay with restricting my kids’ food. I don’t want them to have a negative relationship with food.

“I make sure all foods are available for them that don’t categorize certain foods as ‘special’ or treats.

“It actually keeps them from craving sweet things when they have everything available.”

The mom-dad duo – Mara and her partner Christopher Mareth, 36 – also want to encourage the brood to dress however they feel like it.

“We want them to feel comfortable and wear what makes them happy,” Mara said.

“Emmy has shaved her head and is only wearing black and oversized clothes at the moment.

“We let our boys wear dresses if they want. They like that.”

When it comes to playtime, Mara doesn’t force the kids to share toys – she thinks it’s important that they have time to themselves.

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