Wednesday, December 21, 2022

I have big boobs – I did a long sleeve top haul including a $23 Amazon find and “my new obsession”.

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Being a picky shopper and having a larger chest makes finding the right clothes even more difficult.

Luckily, Kathryn Zingone found three long-sleeved tops with big boobs that she claims are obsessed with.

From high-necked, low-cut and fitted tops, the options for long-sleeved tops are endless.

However, the list may be limited depending on breast size.

Striking a balance between flattering and comfort is necessary, and the qualities of a style may not be compatible with your bust.

As someone with large breasts, Kathryn has spent a lot of time finding the best long sleeve options.

She posted a video revealing her new favorites from Amazon, Free People and Princess Polly.

Kathryn first tries on the Avanova Women’s Long Sleeve Square Neck Crop Top for $22.99 in a size small.

This brown shirt has lettuce sleeves and an asymmetric front panel.

Next, Kathryn transforms into a simple everyday hoe.

She puts on the $40 Free People Clean Lines Long Sleeve.

For a simple black top, this option from Free People is timeless.

Finally, Kathryn starts her Princess Polly shopping.

She is wearing the $24 Theresa Sweater Green.

Viewers were just as excited as Kathryn when she saw that she had found workable long sleeve tops for women with larger breasts.

“I love the brown so much,” admitted one eager buyer.

Kathryn replied: “It’s my favorite.”

Another grateful fan said: “I always love your shots!! But I agree it’s so hard to find cute long sleeve shirts.”

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