Sunday, November 27, 2022

I gave birth to a huge baby, now he’s 7 months old and weighs the same as a 3 year old – trolls call him “hippopotamus”.

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BABIES come in all shapes and sizes.

But for a mother who gave birth to son Luxe, who weighs around 30 pounds, she has been inundated with negative comments from trolls.

Mum-of-two Jackie Adao, 21, revealed her son weighed in at the rescue when he was seven months old when he was two to three years old.

In a video Jackie shared with her 66.8k followers on TikTok, she revealed that she goes “daddy carries him everywhere” because of his weight.

In the comments, Jackie adds: “I just can’t carry a 30 pound baby around all day… that’s what dads are for, right?

“Ps this was filmed when Bubbas was seven months old, now he’s eight and he won’t fit in that car seat anymore. We have now promoted him to big boy.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote: “Chunky bubba. He’s the cutest.”

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Another added, “Chyubby Babies (SIC) are the best.”

However, Jackie has previously revealed that negative comments have been sent to her.

She wrote, “Me to the haters in my comments right after I posted a video of my baby,” then mouthed audio, which read, “Feel my wrath.”

The names she listed that her baby had named were: “hippopotamus,” “her husband,” “giant,” “dwarf,” “watermelon head,” “grown man,” and even “senior.”

The hate comments mount in a video in which she admits she’s still breastfeeding her son and will do so until he doesn’t want to anymore.

As the video has been viewed 500,000 times, one wrote: “What’s wrong with your kid not looking like a normal person?”

“He’s growing up, mom. He said he’ll be moving out soon.” giggled one commenter.

“Oh my goodness. Give him a cup of coffee instead. He has to catch a train,” joked one fan.

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