Wednesday, November 30, 2022

I found 10p bargains at B&M using Easy Hack and here’s how you can too… but you’d better act fast

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A SHOPPING guru revealed the easy way to find 10p bargains at B&M.

Holly Smith — also known as the “Coupon Queen” — has visited TikTok to show you how to spot the bargain-priced products.


Holly Smith – also known as the “Coupon Queen” – shared how to spot B&M’s 10p deals[/caption]


All you need is your phone to find the discounted products[/caption]

The elusive 10p B&M deals are in high demand as enthusiastic shoppers look for new ways to break the pressure on the cost of living.

And Holly revealed how easy it is to find them — and all you need is your phone.

“First you need to download the B&M app from the App Store,” she said.

“You will see that there is a button to sign up and log in – but you don’t have to.

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“At the bottom of the app you will see a scan, click on it and you have your own personal barcode scanner”.

The handy hack allows shoppers to work their way through the store and find all items that have been reduced in the bargain price offer.

Sometimes items that need to be sold out because they are no longer in stock are marked down in the store’s internal system before staff have a chance to replace their price stickers.

That means an amazing bargain could be hiding under your nose.

But finding the 10p items has sparked clashes in the past – when a john who spotted a shelf of the products was slammed for leaving none for other shoppers.

Meanwhile, another punter also sparked a backlash after clearing shelves in Wilko when she spotted seeds reduced to just 5p a pack – and picked up a whopping 533 packs for just £26.

Holly, who appears on ITV’s This Morning to share her shopping hacks with Brits, previously shared how she shaves up to £160 off her grocery bill every month.

She is part of The Sun’s Squeeze Team panel and revealed how saving apps saves her £120 a month from her grocery bill.

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She makes another £40 a month from cashback sites.

Your £160 will save you an equally stunning £1,920 over the year.

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