Thursday, December 22, 2022

‘I didn’t get normal decency’: ‘Family Karma’ Season 3 star Monica Vaswani indirectly dissertates Rish Karam in LIVE video

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“I just think what happened and the things that I went through are just not okay,” Monica said on her Instagram Live after the show

MIAMI, FLORIDA: ‘Family Karma’ Season 3 star Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam’s rocky relationship has caught the attention of fans. Shortly after “Family Karma” Season 3 Episode 4 aired, Monica took to her Instagram to open up about her relationship status and talk about how she was doing on the show and after the show. Well, it seemed like the Star was indirectly dissing Rish. The star claimed she’s been in a “bad place” all year but is in a “much better place” now.

Before speaking more about her situation in the live video, Monica clarified that she’s “not the kind of person to add fuel to the fire.” She then addressed their relationship without naming names: “I’ve done anything and everything to be glued to something.” She further admitted that she learned from her mistakes too late. However, Monica definitely sounded a bit off and revealed when she said, “I just think what happened and the things that I went through are just not okay.” Read on to find out how what else the star has spilled.


The 30-year-old made it clear to her fans in the video that she’s not into “connection culture”. She also claimed, “My intentions have always been pure.” Monica reportedly hinted at their split, saying, “At the end of the day, whatever happens, I wish everyone the best.” But the digital content creator never missed a chance, to slam their relationship documented on the show. She claimed, “There’s a common decency that I deserve that I didn’t get.” Monica went on to add that maybe she rants too much, but she only did it because she was “crazy and raw and real.” .

The ‘Family Karma’ Season 3 star ended her live video by thanking her fans for their continued support. She also assured her fans that there were no fakes in what was shown on Bravo’s reality show. Monica said, “It’s real… there’s no such thing as a chip chop.” She ended her video by allegedly clarifying that Rish’s alleged “cheating rumor” might be true. Monica claimed, “It’s not fair that I’m always protecting, protecting, protecting and there’s no protection over me.” ‘Family Karma’ stars Vishal, Amrit and Brian also performed at Monica’s Live. Brian addressed his “tea spill” situation where he told Rish about his “cheating rumours”. Brian claimed in the video, “I’m the nice guy.” Amrit comforted Monica while saying, “I’m sure you have a lot to process Monica.”

Family Karma Season 3 Episode 5 gives us a comprehensive look at Monica and Rish’s ongoing drama. The official synopsis reads, “The scandalous Monica and Rish cheating rumor continues to spread through the community, ultimately threatening the entire group of friends, leading to confrontations, lies and betrayals.” Posted December 4th at 9:8c on Bravo.

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