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"I destroyed my family” After the death of her son: Sinéad O’Connor hospitalized

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It is a stroke of fate that is difficult for any mother to cope with. Sinéad O’Connor mourns the loss of her son. Now the musician is in the hospital after reporting worrying lines on Twitter.

“My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the light of my life, decided today to end his earthly struggle and is now with God,” Sinead O’Connor wrote on Twitter last week. With these words, the Irish musician announced the death of her 17-year-old son.

Five days later, the 55-year-old reports to her fans again – with worrying lines. “I was a failure from the day I was born. It’s not my parents, my family or my kids fault. It’s mine. God made me wrong,” reads one of her latest tweets.

“So I send myself back and find the only person on this earth who has ever truly loved me.” She decided to “follow” her son. “There’s no point in living without him. I destroy everything I touch. I only stayed because of him. And now he’s gone. I destroyed my family.”

Two hours later, she speaks up again and apologizes for her words on the social media platform. “I shouldn’t have said that.” She is now on her way to a clinic with the police. “I’m sorry for upsetting everyone. I’m lost without my child and I hate myself. The hospital will help for a while.” It’s been 23 hours since your last post. Since then, Sinéad O’Connor has not commented on Twitter.

Her son was reported missing last week. Just a day later, the search for Shane was called off after a body was found in the Bray area of ​​Wicklow. The 17-year-old was previously under psychiatric treatment.

Shane’s father is Irish musician Dónal Lunny. Sinead O’Connor has three other children. She has son Jake, born in 1987, with drummer John Reynolds, to whom she was married until the early 1990s. Daughter Roisin was born in 1995, her father is the Irish journalist John Waters. Shane is O’Connor’s third child. The youngest, Yeshua, was born in 2006. In her tweet on Thursday, she wrote, among other things, that her children do not want anything to do with her.

Sinéad O'Connor performing in January 2020 (Source: IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency)Sinéad O’Connor performing in January 2020 (Source: IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency)

Sinéad O’Connor is one of the most famous musicians in Ireland. She celebrated her international breakthrough in 1990 with her cover version of the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 You”. With controversial appearances and statements, O’Connor repeatedly attracted attention, for example she tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II in front of cameras in 1992 during an appearance on the US program “Saturday Night Live”. 2018 is O’Connor to Islam converted.

Notice: Here you will find help immediately and anonymously, if you think a lot about your own death or worry about someone else.

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