Sunday, October 17, 2021

"I celebrate my self love" Influencer Cris Galera married herself

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The woman is herself: Because Chris Galera thinks she is great and so much so that she wanted a letter and seal for it, she went straight to the registry office. Lo and behold: the Brazilian model has been married since then – to herself.

Has she drawn up a marriage contract? Were there two rings – for the left and right hand? And who did she actually kiss in the end: her reflection? With this bizarre wedding story, a few questions remain unanswered at the end, so much must be revealed in advance. Still, it is curious enough not to be withheld from you.

In Brazil, influencer Chris Galera married herself – out of self-love. The 33-year-old, who inspires more than 175,000 followers on Instagram with all kinds of revealing snapshots and bikini pictures, announced this a few weeks ago. But among her postings, the ego wedding always plays a role, because many of her (mostly male) fans wonder whether her vow of “eternal loyalty” is really meant seriously.

On September 13th, Galera announced that it had joined the sologamy movement. In a post she stated that this relationship model meant people who marry themselves. She also decided to take this step. “I celebrate my self-love and I want to inspire other women to increase their self-esteem!”, The influencer explained her decision.

Allegedly, their fans are partly to blame, according to Galera. She took the step in front of the completely lonely altar because she had received so many requests from male and female fans. “I am very sorry, because I will not divorce myself anytime soon,” joked the woman in her mid-thirties under her post.

Apparently Chris Galera caused a sensation with her unusual wedding “in Brazil and abroad”. In any case, she herself writes that this news would “echo” worldwide – and had journalists accompany her at her wedding ceremony in order to set the media echo in motion herself. One thing is clear, however: self-weddings of this kind are legally not as easy to get everywhere as it was apparently the case in Galera’s Brazilian homeland.

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